The nuts and bolts of using Snapchat to build your brand

The nuts and bolts of using Snapchat to build your brand

Broadcast date: Dec. 15, 2016
Price: $199
Member Price: $159

A 75-minute webinar featuring Michael Delgado, director of social media at Experian, and Christina Roman, social media specialist at Experian.

Join us for this webinar and learn:

  • How to build a Snap presence
  • A Snap strategy that'll build your brand  (and get buy-in from leadership)
  • Best ways to use Snap: Interviews, behind-the-scenes access, skits and more

Product Code: XC-613

Snap is one of the most powerful social media tools.

Has your company jumped on the bandwagon?

If not, you may be missing out on talking to an entire generation—MILLENIALS!

Use Snap to increase your brand reach and social media engagement.

This webinar will provide you with action tips to create engaging stories—and use cases on how businesses interact with their target audiences.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Creative ways to repackage snaps to promote on other social channels
  • Strategies for creating storyboards to save time and improve your storytelling
  • Proven methods for growing and improving interactions with your Snap audience
  • Ways to leverage geo-filters and animated lenses to spice up your snaps
  • How to track Snap metrics and use the data to improve your story completion rates