Write Amazing Press Releases

Write Amazing Press Releases

Broadcast date: Nov. 17, 2016
Price: $199
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Have you updated your press release strategy and writing style? If not, your pitches, coverage, social media reach and search rankings could be DOA. Join Jason Chupick, former head of PR at Hearst Media, Jennifer Windrum, PR and social media strategist at Bozell, and writing coach Ken O'Quinn to rethink your releases—and revive your PR results.

Boost your media pickup, SEO and social media buzz with more powerful press releases.

Product Code: XP-618

Press releases reach more people than ever—and so can you! That's because the media increasingly uses releases to fill a 24/7 news hole. Social media shares of company news are also on the rise. This situation is a golden opportunity for PR pros who recognize that releases must not only be well written—but written so they can be easily found online and inspire shares.

Learn how it's done in this session presented by Jason Chupick, former head of PR at Hearst Media, writing coach Ken O'Quinn, and Jennifer Windrum, PR and social media strategist at Bozell.

You'll learn:

  • What newsrooms are like: How to think and write like journalists to increase pickup
  • Inspiring exercises to get brilliant ideas flowing quickly
  • Secrets of crafting newsroom- and Twitter-ready headlines
  • New ways to make sure your copy is SEO-ready
  • Incredible leads: The opening paragraphs that work best
  • How to craft sparkling killer quotes that actually get used
  • Multimedia magic: How to create and embed photos, video and infographics fast to get maximum reach
  • Secrets of using social sites to boost buzz and search