Master Visual Brand Storytelling

Master Visual Brand Storytelling

Broadcast date: Dec. 1, 2016
Price: $199
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There's tons of visual content out there. Make yours stand out by creating videos that build emotional connections with audiences.

Join John Zissimos, chief creative officer at Salesforce, to learn how to become a "brand of purpose"—and tell your story with magical video that triggers emotions and moves audiences to action.

Order this presentation to attract and engage wider audiences with powerful, emotional visual storytelling.

Product Code: XP-624

Visual storytelling has never been more important. But much of today's visual communication in business fails because it lacks the knock-out punch of emotional storytelling.

Join John Zissimos, chief creative officer of Salesforce, to discover how to bring emotion and empathy into business narratives—and how to transform your communications team into a 21st century data-driven creative agency inside your company.

You'll learn:

  • The anatomy of an emotional narrative arc
  • Story structure and how to think like a screenwriter
  • To find beautiful story arcs in customer success stories
  • To inject empathy and emotion into dry corporate stories
  • To move hearts through customer testimonials
  • The huge storytelling power of volunteer work (e.g., in Haiti and Cambodia)
  • How Salesforce worked emotive storytelling into its narratives
  • Practical insights into:
    • Fostering creativity
    • Running a film team
    • Establishing a data-driven creative model
    • Educating executives on emotional storytelling
    • Securing budget for video