Amazing Infographics Virtual Summit

Amazing Infographics Virtual Summit

Broadcast date: June 24, 2016
Price: $495
Member Price: $395

Over 3 hours of training about today's most important communications tool: Infographics

This three-session virtual conference recording features how-to training with infographics experts and communications execs Britt Klontz, Bob Zeni and Laura King-Homan.

Looking for a way to tell your data-driven story visually? Do you want to elevate your infographics expertise and learn the latest data visualization tools? Do you want to increase Web traffic, SEO and audience reach?

Then here is a unique training opportunity to:

  • Easily organize complex data into a compelling narrative
  • Make images a powerful part of your content program
  • Attract and engage new audiences with elegant infographics

Product Code: XVC-601

The benefits of infographics: They're easy to understand. They demonstrate expertise and innovation. They can communicate worldwide. They increase Google rank and SEO. They build brand awareness. And they can attract viral audiences.

Even better: You don't have to be a graphic design expert to create fun and informative visuals. Order this three-session recording to learn the latest methods, tools and tricks guaranteed to help you add data visualization to your communications arsenal today:

Session 1
Infographics strategy:
How to plan and promote data viz that boosts your biz

Britt KlontzThis is where it all starts. Sit in on this session, and you'll learn how to plan and promote data visualizations that build your brand and business.

From aligning brand goals to finding the best free tools to help you produce low-cost infographics, this workshop will teach you how to:

  • Master the essential components of successful infographics
  • Find reliable sources of data—both in-house and online
  • Conceptualize hooks and content that reinforce your brand
  • Choose the best low-cost tools and formats for your needs
  • Promote infographics on top mainstream and social media
Britt Klontz is the marketing team lead at Distilled. @Britt_Klontz

Session 2
Infographics mechanics:
7 steps for stellar data storytelling

Bob Zeni Welcome to your deep dive into the tactics of creating infographics. Designer Bob Zeni will share practical tips, tools and templates that empower you to create remarkable viral-ready, brand-boosting infographics.

You will learn how to:

  • Tell a visual story with data
  • Choose the best approach for your strategic needs
  • Optimize your infographic for sharing
  • Organize information into an easily understood narrative
  • Select the right time-saving design tool for your skill level
  • Combine eye-catching design with meaningful data, high-impact images and compelling text
  • Foster powerful, productive collaboration between writers and designers
Bob Zeni is the founder of Bob Zeni & Associates. @BobZeni

Session 3
Taking infographics to the next level:
How to transform teams and content with "sexy" visuals

Laura King-Homan This is your wrap-up session, where you'll see the principles you've learned applied to a real-world PR program. You'll hear how the Omaha Public Power District enhanced its new content marketing effort with infographics and increased web traffic—so you can do the same. You'll also discover how to take infographics to the next level by transforming boring spreadsheets, data and measurements into "sexy" infographics.

You'll leave this session knowing how to:

  • Add visuals to your content plan with a journalist's mentality
  • Develop infographics guidelines as an extension of your brand
  • Employ graphic design principles used in today's newsrooms to make infographics far more visually appealing
  • Measure the success and ROI of infographics
  • Borrow brilliant ideas: Examples and lessons of stellar infographics and how to share them on social media channels
Laura King-Homan is a communication specialist at Omaha Public Power District. @lkingh

Order this virtual conference recording to add infographics to your communications and content mix—and watch your brand take off!