The Great Writing and Editing Virtual Summit
Ragan Virtual Summit Recording

The Great Writing and Editing Virtual Summit

Broadcast date: August 30, 2016
Price: $395
Member Price: $295

Three virtual workshops featuring writing, editing and communications experts that will help you sculpt your writing into powerful, attention-grabbing and persuasive copy that your audience will love.

Top five reasons you should order:

  1. You’ll receive all PowerPoint presentations and handouts.
  2. You’ll receive a certificate of completion.
  3. You’ll hear and interact with writing and corporate communications experts.
  4. You’re guaranteed hands-on, how-to instruction and techniques you can use as soon as this virtual summit is over.
  5. You’ll attend this immersive summit without leaving work or your desk!
Product Code: XVC-604

If you're looking for practical, engaging and informational tips for writing your best headlines, leads, content and quotes, this virtual summit is a must. We have collected three of the most influential writers and editors to tell you everything you need to know to become better at your craft.

Whether you're an old pro or a college grad just starting your journey, you're guaranteed to walk away with tried and true writing solutions. You'll re-ignite your love and passion for the written word.

Here's just a small sample of the techniques and insights you'll take away from this one-of-a-kind virtual summit:

  • Use literary devices to make your content more memorable.
  • Rediscover the importance of grammatical structure and syntax.
  • Inject voice and personality into your writing.
  • Incorporate the latest storytelling techniques to bring your content to life.
  • Emphasize word choice to deliver potent messages—and to preserve your authoritative voice.
  • Inject life into your writing by emphasizing actions rather than things.