The Digital Signage Virtual Summit
Ragan Virtual Summit Recording

The Digital Signage Virtual Summit

Recorded: Sept. 23, 2016
Price: $395
Member Price: $295

Congratulations! You‘ve convinced senior leaders to invest in digital signage.

Now what do you do? You must show your leaders digital signage ROI—quickly!

Attend our virtual summit where we will teach you:

  • How to create sustainable, powerful digital signage.
  • How to make the right arguments for digital signage to your leaders.

Learn from experts who have been in your shoes and built digital signs that transformed their employee communications!

Still not convinced?

Top five reasons you should attend:

  1. You’ll learn content best practices from the pros: Get employees’ attention with short, powerful messages!
  2. You’ll enjoy our summit’s real-time Q&A: Ask our presenters how to get the most out of your digital signage.
  3. You’ll be inspired by REAL case studies that show how digital signage became a vital necessity to these organizations’ employee comms.
  4. You’ll attend this summit without leaving work, at your desk!
  5. You’ll receive a certificate of completion.
Product Code: XVC-605
  • Your presenters:
    Brad Parler 
    digital communications administrator at
    Ann Cameron 
    New York’s director of creative services
    Con Edison.
    Marcia Cummings 
    a writer and editor at
    Con Edison.
    Robert “Bob” Michelson 
    president and CEO of
    RMG Networks.

Has the novelty, the excitement of your digital signage worn off?

This could be because:

  • Your digital signage content lacks fresh ideas
  • You don’t have time to update signage daily—or even weekly
  • It’s become background clutter. No one pays attention to it

You will get answers for these common digital-signage difficulties. Ragan guarantees it!

This virtual summit is a must-attend event even for communicators just thinking about digital signage. Three powerful sessions will cover the nuts and bolts of how to build AND revive a digital signage program.

Don’t give up. Our virtual summit pros will give you practical tips and tools you can use right away. Learn from their mistakes and watch your message penetration soar!

Just a snippet of what you’ll learn:

  • How to run sustainable digital signage with a small team
  • Inspirational content—see REAL examples of potent messages in action on TV screens
  • How to partner with IT and HR to deploy powerful digital signage quickly, without the usual IT-HR headaches
  • How to find the right technology for your organization

. . . and much more!