Amazing Videos Virtual Summit

Amazing Videos Virtual Summit

Broadcast date: December 9, 2016
Price: $395
Member Price: $295

This how-to three-hour virtual summit recording shows you how to master today's most important communications tool.

This three-session recording features how-to training with video production and social media experts Drew Keller, Guy Bauer, Zynara Yng (YouTube) and Charlene Sarmiento (Goodwill Industries International).

Looking for inexpensive video techniques to tell your story? Want to elevate your video production expertise? Would you like to learn the latest social media tools for video? Want to attract bigger audiences, build brand loyalty, boost web traffic and spread your message? Then order this unique training to:

  • Easily plan and shoot compelling videos—on the cheap
  • Know what equipment is essential—and what's a waste
  • Make video a powerful part of your content program
  • Power up your existing video program so you win customers, not just fans
  • Attract larger audiences to your video on social media
  • Hear how to experiment with livestreaming and virtual reality
Product Code: XVC-606

Why video? It's powerful and persuasive. It stirs emotions. It builds trust and credibility. It increases Google rank and SEO. It's mobile-ready. It builds brand awareness. And it attracts viral audiences.

Even better: You don't have to be a hotshot videographer or have a big budget to create amazing videos. Join this three-session summit to learn the latest low-cost methods, tools and tricks guaranteed to help you become a master video communicator. Make your videos the most powerful messages you've ever created!

Session 1
DIY video boot camp: Shoot stellar videos on the cheap
Drew KellerYou don't have to be a Hollywood producer to capture eyes, hearts and imaginations. This is where it all starts. During this session, you'll discover how to quickly create videos using your smartphone. In just one hour, you'll learn how to script and shoot videos like an experienced producer—without the Hollywood budget.

Drew will teach you to:

  • Conceptualize emotional hooks that reinforce your brand
  • Choose the best low-cost tools and formats
  • Create stellar visual narratives through storyboards and scripts
  • Master production: Camera height, framing and environment
  • Be strategic about adopting new technologies like 3D and VR
  • ... and more!
Drew Keller is a TV producer at StoryGuide. He's on the faculty at the University of Washington's Communication Leadership Graduate Program. @DrewKeller

Session 2
Next-level corporate video: Win more customers with remarkable videos
Guy Bauer
Now that you know the basics, it's time to take a deeper dive. Learn to create BETTER videos that turn viewers into customers and likes into ROI. Veteran video producer Guy Bauer will teach his hard-won lessons for creating remarkable corporate videos, as well as common mistakes communicators make when creating video for companies or clients.

You will learn:

  • 10 foolproof strategies to produce remarkable corporate video
  • Advanced concept development and scripting techniques
  • Next-level equipment: The essential mics, cams and software you need when iPhones won't cut it
  • 10 mistakes communicators make when producing video
  • The most common YouTube tagging, titling and uploading miscues to avoid
  • How to show ROI for your videos
  • New ways to turn viewers into long-term customers
  • ...and more!
Guy Bauer is the founder of Guy Bauer Productions.

Session 3
Video distribution and beyond:
Reach wider audiences with social media, livestreaming and emergent tools

Charlene SarmientoZynara NgThis is where you'll see how best to distribute videos on social media for maximum exposure. You'll hear how the Goodwill Industries transformed its content marketing with social media video to dramatically boost traffic, viewership and ROI. You'll also hear how it's breaking into live streaming so you can do the same!

You'll leave this session knowing how to:

  • Easily share and promote videos on top social media
  • Inspire followers to like and share your videos for greater reach
  • Create programming and global channel strategies for videos
  • Start telling engaging stories with live streaming
  • Determine whether 3D, 360 video and virtual reality are right for you—and discover how to get started with these and other experimental platforms
  • ...and more!
Charlene Sarmiento is the public relations program manager at Goodwill Industries International. @CharleneSar

Zynara Ng leads global video productions strategy as a video producer at YouTube.

Order this recording to add videos and livestreaming to your communications—and watch your brand take off!