Business Writing Summit

Business Writing Summit

June 16
Price: $895
Member Price: $745
  • Simplify complex corporate jargon using fun exercises to disrupt mundane writing habits
  • Create content for visual storytelling: Writing tips for infographics and more
  • Adopt a conversational writing approach to humanize your brand on social media
  • Learn interview techniques to help you collect rich details you can incorporate in your writing

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This one-day summit is part of Ragan's 2017 Corporate Communicators Conference.

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Presented by: Hosted by:
Ragan Communications, Inc. DePaul University: College of Communication
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    Keynotes with:
    Justina Chen MICROSOFT (formerly)
    Justina Chen, story strategist and former executive communicator
    Enthrall: 7 secrets of storytelling
    Steve Crescenzo Crescenzo Communications
    Steve Crescenzo, CEO
    Write for today's audiences: How to switch gears to write effectively for print, online content, social media, and multimedia channels
    Breakout sessions with:
    Beth Nyland StoryStudio
    Beth Nyland, lead instructor
    Just say what you mean
    Nick Lanyi PORTER NOVELLI (formerly)

    Nick Lanyi, consultant and instructor
    From good to great: Tips to make your writing exceptional
    Mary Olivieri CBD Marketing
    Mary Olivieri, executive creative director
    Communicate with pictures: The writer's role in creating powerful infographics
    Don Harder CBD Marketing
    Don Harder, associate creative director
    Communicate with pictures: The writer's role in creating powerful infographics
    Leanora Minai Duke University
    Leanora Minai, director, communications
    How to find and tell more effective stories

What is the core ingredient of a powerful press release, blog post, internal memo, etc.?

You guessed it—WRITING!

Business writing is a skill communicators should nurture and fine-tune throughout their careers. Well-crafted prose can increase the number of your social media followers, inspire employees to take action and generate more revenue for your organization.

This one-day summit will show you how to:

  • Improve your storytelling techniques
  • Get rid of your inner editor and write FASTER
  • Eliminate corporate jargon
  • Inject personality and style into your writing
  • Boost your social media reach and engagement

Are you eager to create better content that resonates with your audience? Do you want to write content that excites your readers rather than bores them to sleep? This agenda was created specifically for communicators who are ready to go back to the basic fundamentals of writing and storytelling.

You will learn:

  • Tips for writing headlines that jump off the page and catch the attention of your audience
  • How to write and create your own infographics in-house
  • How to break down complex messages into more digestible content
  • How to drive corporate objectives through creative writing and watch the positive business impact
  • Three rhetorical devices you can use to tell both internal and external stories
  • How to provide rich detail through writing by using journalistic interviewing techniques
  • The latest do's and don'ts for writing for social channels—get up to speed!
  • How to infuse style, tone, and personality into your content to drive readers to take action
  • Common writing pitfalls to avoid on your next assignment
  • How to turn the most boring topics into attention-grabbing stories
  • ... And so much more

Who should attend?
People who work in ...

checkmark Corporate communications
checkmark Internal communications
checkmark Employee engagement
checkmark Corporate communications
checkmark Digital communications
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checkmark Investor relations
checkmark Digital engagement

Presented by: Hosted by:
Ragan Communications, Inc. DePaul University: College of Communication