Culture & Engagement for Communicators Conference

Culture & Engagement for Communicators Conference

May 10, 2017
Price: $695
Member Price: $545
  • Build a unique culture guided by the values of leaders and employees
  • Tell stories of employees exemplifying your organization's values
  • Help leaders increase employee engagement during times of change and pressure
  • Amplify your employment brand with limited resources

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    Featuring top speakers:
    Auguste Goldman GODADDY
    Auguste Goldman
    Chief people officer
    Lauren Antonoff GODADDY
    Lauren Antonoff
    SVP of presence and commerce
    Elizabeth Stocker GREAT PLACE TO WORK®
    Elizabeth Stocker
    Katee Van Horn GoDaddy
    Katee Van Horn
    VP of global engagement & inclusion
    Amanda Gerding Hyland
    Amanda Gerding
    HR internal communications specialist
    Lane Whatley SAS
    Lane Whatley
    Senior communications specialist
    Theresa Ludvigson Salesforce
    Theresa Ludvigson
    Head of global onboarding
    Scott Irgang Pitney Bowes
    Scott Irgang
    Director of labor relations & employee engagement

What's the secret formula for creating a great company culture?

It's not the words on the wall, the benefits package or the ping-pong tables.

It's what your employees feel and say about working at your organization.

As a communicator, you uniquely influence how to convey the critical messages that engage employees and drive your culture.

Join us at Ragan's conference dedicated to sharing best practices on building and maintaining your company culture, especially during changing times—whether it's a merger, executive changeover or downsizing. You will walk away with a list of practical, tactical ideas you can use immediately!

Learn how to:

  • Create a unique culture guided by values involving both leaders and employees
  • Convince your executives to partner with you to guarantee success with your communications efforts
  • Develop communications that make values believable and relatable
  • Lean in and listen to employees reveal new ways to display values
  • Tailor your branding to each social media channel to recruit top talent
  • Partner with the right leaders to build systems and tools to grow engagement score year after year
  • Develop communications that showcase the link between employee engagement and business that is believable and relatable

Who should attend?
If you work in ...

checkmark Culture and engagement
checkmark Internal communications
checkmark Human resources
checkmark Employee communications
checkmark Brand communications
checkmark Employee engagement
checkmark Organizational development
checkmark Social media
checkmark Global communications
checkmark Change management
checkmark Corporate and brand identity
checkmark Talent acquisition
checkmark Intranet communications
checkmark Digital communications
checkmark Employee relations

Presented by:       Hosted by:
Ragan Communications, Inc.           Great Place to Work             GoDaddy