Modern Video Workflow

Modern Video Workflow

Thursday, April 13, 2017
1-2:15 p.m. Central time
Price: $209
Member Price: $169

A webinar featuring video production expert Brian Malone, whose clients at Malone Media include Facebook, Salesforce and others.

Creating stellar video can be intimidating and difficult—unless you have access to a top videographer willing to spill the beans. Join this session to hear from one of the best in the business how to create low-cost, compelling visual content for your audience. You’ll learn easy methods to quickly shoot and distribute with Facebook Live, YouTube and your mobile device to drive more exposure and revitalize your brand—regardless of budget.

Other benefits of this webinar:

  • You’ll gain access for you and your entire team to watch live.
  • You’ll receive all slides and handouts.
  • You’ll be awarded a certificate of completion for attending.
  • You’ll get access to an on-demand recording.
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PR Daily PRSA: Public Relations Society of America
Product Code: Y17TP03

Stop having your mind blown by amazing video stats—and start blowing minds with your own amazing videos…

Did you know video accounts for 74 percent of all online traffic? Or that all Facebook posts will be video-based in three to five years? Or that YouTube is exploding as the must-use search and social media platform for branded videos—with over a billion users?

These astounding numbers add up to one unavoidable truth: Your career, content and budget could go down the tubes if you don’t add videography to your skillset today. Join this session to stay relevant and indispensible. In just 90 minutes, video producer Brian Malone will show you how to create and share low-cost, effective video for Facebook, YouTube and other platforms. You’ll also learn how to grab your fair share of today’s booming live streaming audience.

You’ll learn:

  • Storytelling secrets: Six principles of crafting a narrative that captures your audience’s attention—and holds it
  • Planning essentials: What communicators must know about scripting, storyboarding, rehearsing and the shot list
  • The best equipment: Low-cost cameras, mics and lights
  • How to shoot like a pro: Five rules of shooting stellar video
    • Sequencing
    • Rule of thirds
    • Match the scene
    • Avoid the jump cut
    • Axis of action or the “180-degree” rule
  • The most popular NLE editing solutions: Final Cut Pro, Avid, Vegas and Premier—and how to use them
  • Easy ways to use low-cost editing apps on the fly
  • Distribution magic: How to reach your audience where they are using video management systems, YouTube and professional-grade webcasting
  • Live streaming made easy—insights and next practices for going live on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope and Instagram