Breakthrough Strategies for Corporate Communicators Conference

Breakthrough Strategies for Corporate Communicators Conference

November 18-20, 2013
Discovery Communications Headquarters
Silver Spring, MD
Standard Price: $2195
Price: $1945
Member Price: $1495
  • Develop integrated communications to enhance corporate reputation and engage your employees
  • Strategies to write a social media or email pitch that gets reporters' attention
  • Know how and when communicate to the media in a crisis
  • Discover how to repurpose content and give it an online twist

Presented by Ragan Communications: An event hosted by Discovery Communications.

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  • You'll hear from these dynamite speakers:
    Aaron French TEACH FOR AMERICA 
    Aaron French
    Build an internal social network that fosters employee collaboration
    Kim Jokisch RED HAT
    Kim Jokisch
    Get employees interested in producing content and engaged in being ambassadors for your organization
    Evan Welsh SAP
    Evan Welsh
    How to get media attention on Twitter and LinkedIn
    Lynn Benjamin
    Stuck in a medieval time warp? How the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago pulled its employee communications into the 21st Century
    Sebastian Cosgrove AIR CANADA
    Sebastian Cosgrove
    Build an internal social network that fosters employee collaboration
    Alyson Oüten
    Maintain employee confidence, trust and engagement during a crisis
    Laura A. Grover QUINTILES
    Laura A. Grover
    Build an internal social network that fosters employee collaboration
    Laura Howe
    Crisis communication strategies to manage an online crisis
    Mike Long Georgetown University 
    Mike Long
    The power of storytelling: What you can learn from executive speechwriters
    Vinca LaFleur West Wing Writers
    Vinca LaFleur
    The power of storytelling: What you can learn from executive speechwriters
    Priya Ramesh
    Crisis communication strategies to manage an online crisis
    Michael McManus SODEXO
    Michael McManus
    How to get media attention on Twitter and LinkedIn
    Chris Brooks Hilton Worldwide
    Chris Brooks
    How to write for social media consumption: Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
    Karissa Marcum FEMA
    Karissa Marcum
    Think like an editor: Slim down your prose, remove fluff
    Tomas Kellner GE
    Tomas Kellner
    Transform your external corporate blog from a press release aggregator into a content factory
    Jim Ylisela Duff Media Partners
    Jim Ylisela
    Running the news desk: How to build an editorial process
    Rod Thorn PepsiCo
    Rod Thorn
    The power of storytelling: What you can learn from executive speechwriters
    Megan Maisel MD Anderson
    Megan Maisel
    How to write for social media consumption: Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

This is THE conference for your whole communications team. Whether you work in Internal Communications, PR, Marketing or Social Media, we have all the training you need NOW.

Choose the ALL ACCESS PASS and attend all three days, or register for each event separately. It's up to you!

Monday, November 18:
Engaging Today's Employees
Breakthrough strategies in internal communications to engage and inspire your workforce

Tuesday, November 19:
Writing for Corporate Communicators
Breakthrough strategies to craft your corporate message for customers and employees

Wednesday, November 20:
Creating Powerful Content for PR and Media Relations
Breakthrough strategies to engage the media with brand journalism and visual storytelling

During this three-day event, you'll learn how to:

  • Engage your employees to tell authentic stories of your company's business and culture through video and photography
  • Create a transparent, collaborative process to capture your employees' ideas, influence business decisions, and let the best ideas win
  • Develop a consistent brand "voice" and writing style for your site
  • Source and share stories to transfer critical messages from external presentations to internal communications
  • Invest in events that build employee engagement and reinforce your company's culture
  • Find social champions at work, and use them to help you inform and cultivate a healthy internal network
  • Build powerful, authentic relationships with journalists—online, where they meet and mingle
  • Create engaging content to get media coverage
  • How to highlight executives and subject matter experts as media sources
  • Use Facebook, Twitter and blogs to communicate in a crisis
  • Create compelling visual content that showcases your organization
  • Promote your organization's hidden or little-known expertise on LinkedIn
  • Exploit Twitter to increase positive coverage for your brand
  • Encourage staff participation in the creation of your company's culture (perhaps for the first time) through strategically planned programs and events
  • Re-tool and re-emphasize internal communications to reinforce trust and respect for your organization's leadership
  • Use social media channels to drive traffic to your media center
  • Create tight, engaging narratives readers can't put down
  • Ensure your message sticks through taut, dramatic storytelling
  • Think like a journalist, run your content factory like a news desk
  • Package and sell one story several different ways
  • Build a story "storehouse" so you have ideas when you need them
  • Balance content curation with original reporting and writing
Keynotes with:

Michele Sullivan, Director of Corporate Communications, Land O'Lakes

Tom Rath, Senior Scientist and Advisor, Gallup

James Gilbey, Vice President Group Creative Director, Discovery Communications

Justina Chen, former Executive Communications Manager, Speechwriter and President of Entertainment at Microsoft

Cheryl Fiandaca, Bureau Chief, Public Information, Boston Police Department

Lisa Stark, Correspondent, ABC News

Here's what you WON'T see at this event:

  • Pie-in-the-sky theory
  • Fuzzy abstractions that leave you with no real roadmap or to-do list
  • Boring, untested speakers
  • Strategies that would cost you millions of dollars to launch

Who should attend?
If you work in . . .

checkmark Public relations
checkmark Corporate Communications
checkmark Media Relations
checkmark Public Affairs
checkmark External communications
checkmark Social Media
checkmark Marketing
checkmark Investor relations
checkmark Employee Engagement
checkmark Corporate Writing
checkmark Internal Communications
checkmark Human Resources
checkmark Employee Communications
checkmark Brand Communications
checkmark Organizational Development
checkmark Social Media
checkmark Global Communications
checkmark Change Management
checkmark Corporate and Brand Identity
checkmark Intranet Communications
checkmark Digital Communications
checkmark Employee Relations

Are you looking for a practical, skills-based event for your entire team?
If so, this event is the perfect solution.