The Media Relations Pitch Clinic

The Media Relations Pitch Clinic

Aug. 21: New York City
Price: $945
Member Price: $795

... with SPECIAL bonus session: PR Pitch Tank, featuring reporters that have written for - The Washington Post, The New York Times, Conde Nast, Buzzfeed, People and Black Enterprise

  • Become a go-to source for journalists covering your industry
  • Craft bull's-eye pitches that won't be ignored
  • Use social media and video as your pitching platform
  • Be your own publisher—and have the media newsjack YOU
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  • Your Workshop Leaders:
    Jim Ylisela Ragan Communications, Inc.
    Mark Ragan
    Publisher and CEO
    Jim Ylisela Ragan Consulting Group
    Jim Ylisela
    Co-owner and managing partner

Media and PR are at a crossroads. Traditional media outlets are strapped—for cash, reporters, and advertisers—while facing unrelenting competition from Facebook, YouTube and anyone with a smartphone. Media relations pros are discovering that those tried-and-true pitching techniques are anything but, and struggling to find an audience for their best stories.

Whether it's time to elevate your game or fix what ails your media relations efforts, join Mark Ragan and Jim Ylisela in their one-day workshop.

You'll learn how to:

  • Become a go-to source for reporters covering your industry
  • Avoid three embarrassing mistakes in press release writing
  • Write an effective pitch letter—short, concise and eye-grabbing
  • Use the techniques of brand journalism to deliver ready-to-go stories to media outlets

PLUS: Pitch reporters from major news' organizations in Mark and Jim's PR Pitch Tank

We've asked local journalists to join us for our version of Shark Tank. They'll hear your pitches, pick them apart and hand out prizes for the best of the bunch. You never know what will happen: In previous PR Pitch Tanks, some reporters wound up covering the stories they were pitched here.

You'll hear from:

Janell Hazelwood Janell Hazelwood
Freelance Editor
Metro New York, Allure, Black Enterprise
Emily Kirkpatrick Emily Kirkpatrick
Social Editor
i-D Magazine
Christopher Robbins Christopher Robbins
Associate Editor
Financial Advisor
Heidi Moore Heidi Moore
Former Business Editor

Who should attend?

checkmark PR and media relations pros
checkmark Corporate communicators
checkmark Executive communicators
checkmark Brand journalists

If you've got stories that aren't getting told, you should be here.