Ragan's Business Writing Clinic

Ragan's Business Writing Clinic

July 27: 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Price: $695
Member Price: $545
  • Learn the essentials of grammar and syntax—and why they are crucial to getting your message across.
  • Identify your key audience and the best channel for reaching them.
  • Ensure that your readers understand your objectives and follow through on your calls to action.
  • Engage in hands-on writing and editing assignments—with immediate feedback.

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Ragan Communications, Inc.

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    Rob ReinaldaRob Reinalda has spent decades as an editor and writer for print and online publications, including the Chicago Tribune and the New York Daily News. He has been executive editor for Ragan Communications since 2008. He wrote and edited Ragan's internal style guide, and he has crafted tremendously successful articles about grammar, usage and punctuation for Ragan's audiences. His humorous essays on writing have been featured on Ragan.com, PR Daily and The Huffington Post.

You have information, practical experience, knowhow.

You know others would benefit from all that wonderful stuff in your brain.

How, though, do you express it in writing?

Veteran editor Rob Reinalda will lead a daylong workshop to help those who do not list writing among their primary abilities to develop that skill and share their wealth of knowledge. He'll help you cross the bridge from reluctant writer to confident communicator.

Here's what you'll come away with after one day of immersion in the writer's mind:

  • Why and how you should crystallize your central message
  • How to identify your key audience—and the best channel/format for reaching them
  • Essentials of grammar and syntax and their vital role in getting your message across
  • Why faulty punctuation is like giving a motorist terrible directions to reach a destination
  • How word meanings get scrambled, and why proper usage is crucial to communication
  • Methods for unclogging your text so your message lands with your audience
  • Ways to ensure that your readers act to fulfill your objectives—and help them realize that they'll benefit, too
  • Hands-on participation in writing and editing assignments
  • Tips for proofreading, including dozens of red flags to watch for

This daylong workshop offers easy-to-grasp concepts for non-writers, along with practical advice for veteran communicators. You'll also participate in several hands-on exercises so you can walk away knowing how to apply everything you've learned in the workshop.

An event presented by:
Ragan Communications, Inc.