Video Storytelling Workshop

Video Storytelling Workshop

Sept. 15: Chicago
Dec. 1: New York City
Price: $895
Member Price: $745
  • Create, produce, market and distribute a video series
  • Why and how to do a SWOT analysis of your brand/story/video
  • Adapt content for your intranet, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms
  • Find metrics to measure the success of your video series

Twitter hashtag: #raganvideo

Take this workshop as a companion to our Hands-on Video Boot Camp for PR, Internal Communicators and Marketers.

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    Justin AllenJustin Allen is an affiliate partner with Ragan Consulting Group.

    Past participants have raved about Justin's workshops:

    "Justin is one of the more dynamic and entertaining speakers I have encountered. Very worthwhile."

    "Really good to learn from someone who had his type of experience and current working situation."

    "Privilege to receive lessons from him. What a supertalented man."

    "Knowledgeable and personable presenter, provided information clearly for all levels of experience."

This workshop is designed for communicators who want to take their video skills to the next level!

You'll discover how a story is born, produced, promoted, measured and reinvented.

Here are some highlights of what you'll learn during this daylong workshop:

  • How to create a single editorial vision, story and brand
  • How to think about digital visual storytelling, bring a story to life, promote and distribute it and how (and what) to measure to determine success or failure
  • We'll take a single brand and walk through its lifespan; from conception of the idea to the research to make sure it was actually a good idea, to the planning and creation of series, stories and segments, and all the challenges you face along the way. Attendees will see a true soup-to-nuts approach to bringing a storytelling brand to life'and learn from all the hard lessons they encounter.
  • Each section of the day will include a hands-on session in which attendees will develop a specific part of a single story
  • Attendees will walk away with a script, storyboard, production plan and promotion plan for their story, as well as a firm grasp of how to do it themselves

Attendees are encouraged to bring ideas for stories or series they're currently working on to develop during the hands-on portions in each section.

Veteran video producer Justin Allen will show you all you need to know to succeed in your video efforts. You'll walk away from this workshop with the skills and know-how to be a superior video producer.

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