Learn AP style straight from the source

Learn AP style straight from the source

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Regular updates to The Associated Press Stylebook can send even the most seasoned wordsmiths into a tailspin. What pronouns are now acceptable? What are the rules for the oxford comma? How does a communications professional keep track of it all?

This webinar is your chance to pull the curtain back and meet the woman leading the charge in updates.

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The Associated Press Stylebook is the definitive resource for journalists, and a go-to reference tool for public relations writers and editors who want to win over reporters by using the spelling, language, punctuation and usage that are hallmarks of journalistic style.

If you're still using the same old tattered Stylebook you had in college, it's time for an upgrade.

AP Stylebook editor Paula Froke will highlight what's new, as well as everything that remains tried and true.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • The addition of the singular "they," and new guidance on pronouns
  • Additional information on gender and LGBT/LGBTQ terms
  • A new entry on addictions and several revised drug-related entries
  • Clarity around what is and isn't a cyberattack
  • And more