Pinterest: An Introduction for Communicators
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Pinterest: An Introduction for Communicators

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Getting your company on Pinterest should be at the top of your to-do list.

Here’s why:

  • Pinterest appeals to a more basic, widespread instinct than Facebook
  • Pinterest’s search engine inspires users; Google’s search engine only informs users
  • More than 60% of top U.S. brands have opened Pinterest accounts
  • Pinterest is so viral it’s hard to believe: 80% of all pins are re-pins
  • More than 70,000,000 people use Pinterest
  • Pinterest ISN’T just for women: Men are the fastest-growing group on Pinterest
  • Pinterest produces 25% of retail referral traffic
  • Pinterest generates 4 times more revenue per click than Twitter
  • Average time spent on a Pinterest visit: 14 minutes
  • Average Order Value on Pinterest: $169. Average on Facebook: $95. On Twitter: $71
  • More U.S. men use Pinterest than read Sports Illustrated & GQ combined
  • International traffic on Pinterest has surged by 125% since 2013
  • Pinterest delivers the highest Average Order Value of all social traffic
  • Pinterest is INCREDIBLY easy to use
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Order Shel Holtz's newly re-done Pinterest interactive course and take your entire company visual on the no. 1 retail image site in the world!

Let employees, customers, vendors, and fans help you tell your company's story like never before from inside and outside, from top-down to bottom-up in pinned photos.

You won't believe the reactions your Pinterest boards get from casual viewers and your brand's fanatics alike.

Shel gives you great tips for getting started on Pinterest:

  • DON'T make your Pinterest content about pretty pictures of your product only
  • Market better by letting fans pin on your company's board
  • The one quality the most popular images on Pinterest all share
  • How Pinterest gives you invaluable intelligence about your customers and fans
  • How Nordstroms pins content on 22,000 boards that 4.4 million people follow
  • How to use Pinterest analytics to pin better, sell better
  • 10 surefire ways to attract more followers to your Pinterest boards
  • The 3 kinds of rich pins and their uses
  • Special third-party Pinterest analytical tools: What they do and don't do
  • How to find trending pins, your top re-pinners, and top influential followers
  • How to track images that have been pinned from a competitors site

Shel's tips and tricks for marketing on Pinterest:

  • 8 types of contests that Pinterest no longer allows you to run
  • The 2 types of Pinterest contests
  • Why Pinterest lends itself best to competitions
  • How ran a great Pinterest contest that asked fans to help create bodycologys next fragrance
  • 5 more superb ideas for competition contests on Pinterest

Shel says: Sell your brand powerfully on Pinterest:

  • Give people a look behind the corporate curtain on Pinterest. GE does this well
  • Let Pinterest users meet your staff on your Pinterest board. Humanize yourself!
  • Why you should put a company video gallery on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest is a curation tool. Use it for that! Become a trusted guide to good stuff
  • How to use the Pin it button on articles to drive traffic to your company
  • How to add the Pinterest icon to the icon lists of places your company has an account
  • How to build the Follow button for your Pinterest account

So . . . How about it? Don't you want to:

  • Add a powerful new weapon to your retail marketing arsenal?
  • Learn how to do content marketing and brand journalism with images?
  • Show sides of your company the public rarely or never sees?
  • Get fans and customers to magnify the effect of your marketing?
  • Stoke employee enthusiasm for whats good about you to 70,000,000 viewers?
  • Teach employees what your company does in striking, memorable images?
  • Make fanatics of customers and online passers-by?
  • Get fans and customers to supply your company with new product ideas?

Of course you do! Were offering you this 90-minute interactive course on conquering the worlds most powerful content marketing site for only $249! You can spend 20 hours absorbing all of what Shel's got to teach you on pinning your PR and marketing down, on Pinterizing your products and brands, on stimulating new heights of public pinterest in what your company's next new products will be.

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