How to start your own in-house video studio on a shoestring

How to start your own in-house video studio on a shoestring

Broadcast date: March 22, 2016
Price: $249
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A 60-minute webinar recording featuring the digital marketing coordinator at McFarland Clinic, Jessica Mortvedt.

Order this presentation and learn:

  • The essentials to build an in-house video studio
  • Tips to stock an impressive video library
  • How to convince senior leaders to make the investment
Product Code: XC-603

Face it:

Video isn't easy to produce ...

It's not cheap either!

But ... with the right training and equipment, you can use video to:

  • Create shareable content (internally and externally)
  • Send messages that get heard across your organization
  • Deliver critical messages employees remember—in two minutes or less

You CAN produce timely, relevant videos—and save your organization money—by creating an in-house video studio.

First step: Order Ragan's webinar recording, "How to start your own in-house video studio on a shoestring," taught by top-rated video expert Jessica Mortvedt.

You'll hear her secrets of building an influential video program that reaches employees in new, fresh ways—without wrecking your budget.

In Jessica's presentation, you'll learn:

  • The special benefits videos bring to your employees
  • What equipment you'll need
  • How much an in-house studio costs
  • How to hire the perfect person as your new video producer
  • Story ideas to get your video library started
  • What to do with the videos after you've shot them: How to distribute, share, and re-purpose your videos
  • How to make your CEO say 'yes' to this new budget line item

Order this webinar recording: Learn how easy it is to create an in-house video studio of your own.