How to plan engaging employee meetings

How to plan engaging employee meetings

Broadcast date: April 13, 2016
Price: $249
Member Price: $209

A 60-minute webinar recording featuring the founder and CEO of Davis & Company, Alison Davis.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • Why your first step must be to change the room setup
  • How to prep executives to be unscripted and accessible
  • How to create real dialogue by revamping the Q&A
Product Code: XC-604

Oh, no, it’s another employee meeting!

Town halls, leadership conferences, and quarterly manager huddles can be energizing and memorable—or boring, time-wasting debacles.

How do you ensure your employee meetings reach their goals and make a big return on investment?

In her webinar, “How to plan engaging employees meetings,” Alison Davis shares her ideas and practical techniques to make meetings interesting, even compelling. Employees will return to work buzzing about your meeting, ready to take action.

You'll learn how to:

  • Use staff feedback to make the case for meeting change
  • Set meeting goals that spell out practical, real outcomes
  • Create a meeting format that gets participation & learning
  • Reset the clock to create a more dynamic meeting
  • Change the room setup to create lively interaction
  • Communicate complex information to create interest
  • Coach leaders to be less scripted, more engaging
  • Give Q&A an extreme makeover
  • Measure each meeting’s effectiveness