4th Annual Employee Communications, PR and Social Media Summit

4th Annual Employee Communications, PR and Social Media Summit

Broadcast October 4-5, 2012
Price: $1195
Member Price: $945

Presented by: Ragan Communications
Hosted by: Microsoft

  • Use Pinterest to build a following and drive traffic back to your websites
  • 7 ways internal communications can help create a great place to work
  • Discover how Staples has increased employee productivity through social media
  • Master best practices to shoot and edit interviews with your mobile phone
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    Thomas Smith Disney Destinations
    Thomas Smith
    Justin Fong Teach for America
    Justin Fong

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    Jeremy Epstein Sprinklr
    Jeremy Epstein

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    Drew Keller StoryGuide
    Drew Keller

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    Andrew Hokenson Best Buy
    Andrew Hokenson

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    Ryan Penagos MARVEL
    Ryan Penagos

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    Rocky Walls 12 Stars Media Production
    Rocky Walls

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    Paolo Tosolini Run Studios
    Paolo Tosolini

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    Beverly Jackson The Grammys
    Beverly Jackson

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    Diana Kowalksy REI
    Diana Kowalsky

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    Sean O’ Driscoll Ant’s Eye
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    Kim Darnofall SAS
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Welcome with Mark Ragan
Mark Ragan


Strategies for the changing nature and pace of communications
Frank ShawIn today's 24/7 global communications environment it's harder than ever to know what to say when and what messages should travel through which channels. It's becoming more challenging to understand what will have the most impact with your target audience. It is also becoming more difficult to strategically respond to competitive opportunities or threats when the pace of communications is instant.  Timely action and response is of the essence. Frank Shaw will share the things he's learned over the past several years about the changing nature and pace of communications, with an emphasis on competitive PR.

Attend this session and you'll learn:

  • What social strategies work best around competitive PR
  • How to best balance a timely response with need for legal review and involvement
  • How to identify a best practice
  • What to measure to know you've had impact reaching your target audience around competitive communications
  • When to take a risk and when not to act
Frank X Shaw (@FXShaw), Corporate Vice President of Corporate Communications, Microsoft

Create and sustain solid relationships with new and traditional media?"
Jeremy EpsteinA wealth of information creates a poverty of attention," said one of the most influential social scientists of the 20th century, Herbert Simon. This is the first ... and second ... and third challenge that you face in building meaningful relationships. Made desperate by "information overload," prospects, clients and influencers build ever-higher technology walls that decrease your chances of getting through. So, how do we cut through the noise to establish authentic dialogues and relationships?

Join Jeremy Epstein, Marketing Navigator for the Attention Economy, in a lively interactive presentation that will:

  • Give you ideas on how to make every interaction worthy of attention
  • Provide guidelines for content curation: Become the MOST trusted name for your audience
  • Review best practices for effective storytelling
  • Share practical tips and tricks for tools to manage your time most effectively
Jeremy Epstein (@Jer979), VP, Marketing, Sprinklr, and author of It's All on the Blog, DON'T Buy the Book

6 kinds of video that will boost your marketing and PR efforts
Rocky WallsOnce you're over the hurdle of getting started with video, and as your video library (and your audience) grows, you're going to be faced with a new challenge—finding the right kinds of video to strike a balance between your communications goals and the expectations of your audience.

Rocky Walls, CEO of 12 Stars Media, a production company that's produced hundreds upon hundreds of real, simple and engaging videos that have resulted in millions of views, will share with you six kinds of video and help you decide which are right for you.

In this energetic, no-fluff session you'll learn about using video for:

  • Crisis communication: Use video more quickly and concisely to get information to your audience when they need it most
  • Behind-the-scenes looks: Tap into possibly the most valuable and overlooked video content resource
  • Promoting events and products: Promote to a world that is tired of promotions
  • Tutorials and how-tos: Communicate expertise on video simply and effectively
  • Viral videos: Understand what viral means for you and how to achieve the results you (or your boss) is looking for
  • Social new releases: Stand out among the crowd and get press for your news
Rocky Walls (@RockyWalls), CEO, 12 Stars Media

The art of social storytelling: The secret of the 54th GRAMMY Awards
Lindsay GablerBeverly JacksonThe 54th GRAMMY Awards has been recognized as "The Most Social Event in the History of Television." The social TV story of the year drew more than 13 million explicit mentions across social networks and is viewed as being directly responsible for exceeding broadcast tune for the Super Bowl and the Oscars, and ultimately delivering the second highest ratings in the history of Music's Biggest Night.

Lindsay Gabler, Social Media Specialist, and Beverly Jackson, the Director of Marketing and Social Media, will let you in on the secrets of building a powerful social media presence year-round for the iconic music brand. You will get candid access to strategic and tactical program components on leveraging real-time conversations while maintaining 95 percent positive sentiment.

In this highly engaging and entertaining session, you'll learn:

  • How to create a multiplatform approach to leverage social engagement, including how to socialize a second screen experience
  • The do's and don'ts of social engagement in real -time
  • Crisis management lessons from the social media trenches
  • How to effectively share social equity with partners while maintaining an authentic and organic voice online
Lindsay Gabler (@LndsyGblr), Social Media Specialist, and Beverly Jackson (@BevJack), Director of Marketing, Strategic Alliances and Social Media, The GRAMMYs

Lessons learned from Pink v. Pink: Case study of Susan G. Komen's short-lived defunding of Planned Parenthood
Kristen Glundberg-ProssorAs the news of the Susan G. Komen foundation's decision to eliminate funds for Planned Parenthood patients spread, the media interest in the conservative pressure campaign intensified, and then very quickly mounted to a frenzy. The news had been first reported by anti-choice outlets and then announced by Komen to hundreds of local Planned Parenthood and Komen leaders Kristen Glundberg-Prossor will explain how her Planned Parenthood affiliate responded to the situation and what steps it took to navigate this national, local and social media firestorm.

You will learn how to:

  • Prepare for the crisis before it hits
  • Communicate with your supporters and donors during the crisis
  • Build a team of multi-platform responders trained to communicate quickly
  • Keep the media on your side to communicate your story to the public
Kristen Glundberg-Prossor, Media/Public Relations Director, Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest (PPGNW)

Disney Parks Social Media Content: Creating Magical Experiences
Thomas Smith Similar to Walt Disney’s original idea for Disneyland, the Disney Parks social media program is driven by the simple notion that making guests happy is a key to success. Since launching the successful Walt Disney World Moms Panel, Disney Parks Blog and other channels, the program’s strategy has revolved around listening, building relationships, creating and sharing relevant stories and participating in online conversations. Disney Parks has a series of real-world case studies and examples to share as well as the secret to what keeps the company’s most powerful social program moving forward and grabbing attention.

Attend this session and you'll learn:

  • The importance of purposeful storytelling
  • Why Disney Parks social operates like a next-generation newsroom
  • Disney’s secret to moving a social program forward
  • Why doing social right demands creativity
  • How to highlight the best of your company in the social space
  • The key to creating experiences worth sharing
  • How to build structure around your content
Thomas Smith (@ThomasSmith) is Social Media Director at Disney Destinations

Advertising Sucks and Traditional Media is Dead
Michael LitchfieldIt's noisy out there. Every day, each of us is subjected to an onslaught of advertisements and brand messaging. The volume is way up. And, with so much out there, it's really hard to get the attention of your intended audience. They are no longer listening. They've switched off.

You know this already. You know that advertising sucks and that traditional media is on life support. You don't need to see the evidence. You've been watching this unfold for a while.

So what's an advertiser or a brand owner to do?

In this session I'll discuss guidelines and share considerations for creating brand experiences that stand out from the noise and that get shared.

You’ll learn:

  • Create content that viewers can't help but share
  • Engage your audience in innovative and exciting ways that stand out in an A.D.D. world
  • Continue the momentum long after your video content goes viral
  • Master the four most important brand engagement guidelines
Michael Litchfield, VP, Creative Director, Interactive Media, Doremus for Corning

Public media, meet social media: What works, what doesn't and what happened—evaluating the ROI
Kevin DandoPBS has been making significant strides in using social media to help increase its audiences and change people's perceptions of what PBS is, but how has it worked and why?

In this presentation, Kevin Dando, PBS' Director of Digital Marketing and Communications, will talk about the ways it is increasingly weaving social TV into its productions, helping to bring traditional and non-traditional PBS audiences to both its broadcast and online content, resulting in increased broadcast ratings and view numbers online. Kevin will also talk about the unique ways a cross-functional team at PBS and across the country has helped increase the effectiveness of all of PBS' social media efforts, both for local PBS stations and for national television productions like the PBS NewsHour, NATURE and MASTERPIECE.

You will learn:

  • Strategies PBS has employed to bolster its existing audience, but also draw in completely new audiences, on-air and online
  • How to weave social media into the fabric of your organization
  • What hasn't worked for PBS in social media (and why)
  • How PBS uses a mix of social media and public relations methods to increase the effectiveness of its corporate communications
  • The importance of cross-functional, cross-departmental collaboration for PBS, using simple, easy-to-use tactics
Kevin Dando (@KDando), Director of Digital Marketing and Communications, PBS

Deliver digital marketing success:
8 steps PR professionals can take to maximize social media

Dux SyAs traditional marketing and social media become increasingly adopted for building relationships with existing and prospective customers, what is the value of social media for PR professionals engaging in a business-to-business environment?

Join Dux Raymond Sy as he shares practical strategies, tips and best practices on how PR professionals can best maximize social media for marketing, brand awareness, customer engagement and sales acquisition. You'll see real-world examples of how utilizing social media can generate legitimate results, including increased business leads and loyalty among existing customers.

In this interactive closing keynote, you will learn how to:

  • Distinguish the value of various social media channels for your PR initiatives
  • Establish relevant metrics for measuring digital marketing success
  • Amplify corporate messaging with an industry "echo" system
  • Integrate social media channels with existing marketing initiatives and sales efforts
  • Leverage internal and external tools like SharePoint, SocialOomph, Google Analytics and Feed Burner to manage social media activities
  • Drive a targeted social media campaign for brand awareness, lead generation, customer engagement and partner initiatives
  • Create a strategic social media roadmap for your organization

Participants will receive a workshop recording, digital marketing templates and checklists, and a strategic social media roadmap template.

Dux Raymond Sy (@MeetDux), PMP Managing Partner, Innovative-e