Build strong media relationships and engage you brand's followers with social media

Build strong media relationships and engage you brand's followers with social media

Broadcasted August 17, 2012
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You're not boring! How could you be? Your mother says you're fascinating — and not to let anyone tell you otherwise, dear.

So how come you don't get more traction in social media? 

Here's why. You need to get smarter. Let Laurel Moffat and Jeremy Epstein tell you how. 
  • Laurel Moffat, communications specialist for Southewest Airlines, gained 1.9 million Facebook followers and 1.2 million Twitter followers in the past year for the brand. And she got Southwest's media buzz up 81 percent in that time.
  • Jeremy Epsteing, VP of marketing at Sprinklr, builds relationships in 10 minutes per day, and increased Sprinklr's Twitter engagement by 300 percent over 2011.

In this 2 hour webcast DVD, you'll learn:

  • How to make every social media interaction an attention-grabber
  • How to become the most trusted name for your online audience
  • The importance of being nimble with social media channels
  • How top customers service departments spur transparency and response

Did you know that 40% of social media users access online sites on their mobile phones? That users over 55 are driving the growth of social networking? The 3 key factors influence your online audience? That people will remember your brand if you invoke one idea?

We picked two of our highest-rated session from out 5th Annual Social Media Conference at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and from our 21st annual Corporate Communications Conference in Chicago.

They'll offer unique perspectives on forming a social media strategy and new ideas on marketing will revolutionize the way your customers view your brand.

Industry leaders Laurel Moffat and Jeremy Epstein share case studies, stastics, videos, screenshots and tips from social media, marketing and corporate communications.

Jeremy and Laurel lay out the lessons they've learned to prepare you and your company for what's coming in social media and marketing.