Master the tools of persuasion

Master the tools of persuasion

Broadcast date: Jan. 14, 2016
Price: $249
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A 60-minute webinar recording with A-list executive communicator and speech consultant Rob Friedman.

Are you looking for a sure-fire, time-tested method to transform all your organization's presentations into TED-worthy events?

Do you want your speeches to move, inspire, and compel your audiences to act?

Order this presentation and learn:

  • The "Five Tools of Persuasion"—how to use each to compel, convince and convert audiences
  • What makes TED talks so effective—how to use these techniques to elevate your speeches
  • How to gain the confidence of—and boost your value with—your C-suite clients
Product Code: XP-601

Order now if you want to DELIGHT AUDIENCES and DELIVER RESULTS with "ideas worth spreading."

Whether you're trying to convince a customer to buy your product, a donor to give to your cause, Congress to oppose a law that threatens your business, or all employees to embrace your new mission, the ultimate goal of communications is to persuade—to move an audience to your point of view, and to action.

This presentation will show you how to use each of the five fundamental tools of persuasion to win people to your side, motivate and inspire, and get the results you want.

Rob will show you when to use each tool—and when not to—and where to find fresh, memorable supporting evidence. You'll come away with proven techniques and lots of examples, including from the most popular and persuasive TED talks. You'll learn why the greatest persuaders combine an idea with emotion.

You'll learn:

  • How to choose the right idea or topic for every presentation
  • The four things a speech or presentation can do
  • How to master each of the five tools of persuasion:
        1. Statistics
        2. Analogies
        3. Quotations
        4. Examples
        5. Stories
  • Advanced secrets of storytelling: What you must know to move any audience—from a small internal meeting to an analyst briefing
  • Oral writing: The distinction between how we're trained to write and how that translates to speeches
  • Mastering multimedia: When—and how—to use visuals to amplify your message
  • ... and much more!

Order to plan, script and deliver TED-worthy, dynamic presentations that move audiences to action.