How to write S-H-O-R-T in the mobile era

How to write S-H-O-R-T in the mobile era

Broadcast date: Feb. 18, 2016
Price: $249
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A 60-minute webinar recording with digital writing guru Ken O'Quinn, founder of Writing with Clarity.

Is your copy as CRISP, CONCISE and COMPELLING as it must be in today's mobile era—where attention spans and space are limited? You can master short-form web writing and GRAB online audiences anywhere.

Order this presentation and learn to:

  • Craft social media posts that spike traffic, shares and sales
  • Write captivating, convincing copy—in half the time and space
  • Grab more attention in today's exploding universe of content
  • Improve ROI for PR materials—from news releases to emails
Product Code: XP-604

FACT: Time is short.

FACT: Attention spans are short.

FACT: PR copy risks being DOA—unless it's short.

Good news: You can cut through the clutter with crisp copy and breathe new life into PR communiqués—from releases to social media posts—when you order this "How to Write S-H-O-R-T in the Mobile Era" webinar recording.

In just one hour, digital wordsmith Ken O'Quinn will arm you with a practical method you can use to write shorter, better and faster while attracting wider audiences—regardless of screen size.

You'll learn:

  • Inspiring exercises to get brilliant ideas flowing quickly
  • How to organize ideas before you start writing
  • The six building blocks of clear, tight web writing:
    • Word arrangement
    • Precise description
    • Economy of language
    • Rhythm
    • Creative thinking 
    • Parallelism
  • How to apply these "Micro-Content Principles" to:
    • Emails—from sticky subject lines to catchy signatures
    • Press releases—from shareable headlines to killer quotes
    • Social media—from viral Tweets to Facebook posts
    • Any other PR document on your desk right now ...
  • The biggest digital writing mistakes—and how to avoid them
  • Fast ways to cut your word count while strengthening your message
  • And much, much more ...

Learn to write concise web copy that captivates social media and compels audience attention!