Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook Live for PR

Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook Live for PR

Broadcast date: March 17, 2016
Price: $249
Member Price: $209

A 60-minute webinar recording with Pamela Naumes, senior director of brand engagement at Campbell Soup's C-Fresh, and Andrew Grinaker, content strategy director at POSSIBLE.

Believe the hype: Livestreamed video is the top social media trend of 2016. It's PR's best new weapon to reach millions of young mobile users.

Periscope, Meerkat or Facebook Live: Which platform is best for you?

How do you get started? How do you take your real-time videos to the top? Learn the answers and more from two experts who have tested these apps head-to-head.

Discover how to:

  • Create and maintain a popular presence on Meerkat and Periscope
  • Integrate Facebook Live into your Facebook set up
  • Livestream events, Q&As, product launches, executive and staff interviews—and more
  • Amplify your livestreams on top social media channels
Product Code: XP-606

Make raw connections with audiences.

Display your brand's human side and values.

Create compelling video—without blowing your budget.

Do all this and more. Learn the ins-and-outs of Meerkat, Periscope and Facebook Live for PR.

Discover exactly how it's done when you order this webinar recording, "Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook Live for PR: New livestreaming best practices to reach millions".

Taught by Pamela Naumes, senior director of brand engagement at Campbell Soup's C-Fresh, and Andrew Grinaker, content strategy director at POSSIBLE this session will demystify real-time video.

Your team will lean to connect powerfully with mobile audiences to showcase your brand and enhance your messages!

You'll learn:

  • Meerkat vs. Periscope: How to choose which platform is best for your brand—and how to get started quick
  • What PR pros must know about Facebook Live—and how to add it to your Facebook page or program
  • Best livestreamed-video uses for PR: from broadcasting events and Q&As to interviews and product launches
  • Livestreamed video in five easy steps:
    • Strategy: Set livestreaming goals that match your brand goals and values
    • Concept: How to brainstorm brilliant livestreaming hooks
    • Pre-promotion: How to stir up interest in your stream
    • Execution: The tools, tech and techniques to film and stream your ideas—from using tripods and ensuring Wi-Fi to staging
    • Social amplification: How to integrate livestreamed video on social media channels
  • Boost engagement: Inspire followers to share livestreamed video using cameo, scheduling and other tricks
  • Get mainstream media coverage for your livestreamed video
  • Metrics that matter: Track KPIs like retention, views, time watched, shares, click thrus—and tie them to ROI
  • ... and much, much more ...

Order now to grow brand awareness, engagement and thought leadership with livestreamed video.