Zika and Ebola crisis lessons

Zika and Ebola crisis lessons

Broadcast date: March 31, 2016
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Emory University communications executives Vincent Dollard and Nancy Siedeman join crisis management consultant and speaker Melissa Agnes to reveal new crisis communications lessons.

Zika struck shortly after the world thought it had laid Ebola to rest. Zika still has many countries on alert—These outbreaks are a wake-up call: You should upgrade your crisis plan before the next crisis strikes.

Learn to:

  • Prepare now for a summer that could see a spike in Zika
  • Revamp your crisis plan with the template Emory University used to control its Ebola crisis
  • Manage the media when epidemics and other crises strike
  • Prevent any crisis from spinning out of control
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Nancy Seideman Nancy Seideman is associate vice president for communications and executive director of university media relations at Emory University, leading a team that works to increase the awareness and reputation of the university among several key audiences. Seideman manages a broad portfolio including internal and external communications, media relations, issues management and crisis communications. For two decades, she's led the university's communications programs, most recently co-directing strategic communications and media relations about the care of two Ebola patients. Previously, Seideman served as national media manager for the American Academy of Ophthalmology and as a PR officer for Merritt Peralta Medical Center (Oakland, CA), and for the New England Deaconess Hospital in Boston. She is writing a book on the university¹s nature preserve.
Vincent J. Dollard Vincent J. Dollard, APR, is associate VP of communications for Emory¹s Woodruff Health Sciences Center. He directs strategic planning and media relations, issues and crisis management, research communications, publications, web development, social media, and internal communications. The Woodruff Health Sciences Center comprises Emory Healthcare; the Schools of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing; the Winship Cancer Institute; and Yerkes National Primate Research Center. Before joining Emory in 2001, Dollard served as director of communications for the Environmental Protection Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources where he communicated state environmental laws and initiatives to citizens.
Melissa Agnes Whom does NATO call when they want the latest and best strategies in crisis communication? Melissa Agnes, internationally recognized crisis manager. President and co-founder of Agnes + Day Inc., she helps global brands and governments prevent and manage a wide range of issues and crises. Her client list includes government agencies, cities and municipalities, healthcare organizations, energy companies, global non-profits, financial organizations, and many others. speaks worldwide to audiences including NATO, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Ministries of Foreign Defense, Ministries of Health, as well as a wide range of private and public companies, universities and non-profit organizations. Melissa is the editor of the highly acclaimed Crisis Intelligence Blog, and the host of the internationally recognized Crisis Intelligence Podcast.