Pitching Tech Media

Pitching Tech Media

Broadcast date: May 19 2016
Price: $249
Member Price: $209

This webinar recording includes a pitch session with journalists at Engadget and Forbes. The audience questions and pitches these key journalists directly—followed by an in-depth media relations course with Sprint PR exec Michelle Leff Mermelstein.

Looking for a way to reach millions with your consumer technology product, service or story? Good news: This recorded event with top beat journalists and PR execs is your gateway to tech media gold.

You'll learn:

  • The latest story trends tech editors are covering now
  • How to tie your pitches to these editorial hot buttons
  • Each editor’s pitch preferences and pet peeves
  • Relationship-building insights and best practices
Product Code: XP-611

Do you want to:

  • Spike hit rates for your tech pitches?
  • Watch your tech coverage soar?
  • Peek into the hottest services and story trends tech journalists cover today?
  • Hear secrets of pitching A-list tech media from a PR exec at Sprint, who pitches them daily?

Just one hit in a top tech outlet like Engadget or Forbes can justify a whole year’s media relations budget. Join this panel of A-list scribes from these very outlets—and a PR exec who pitches them regularly—to land that hit—during a live Q&A and shark tank-style pitch session.

In just one info-packed hour, these tech influencers will reveal the gadgets and goods they’re covering—and how to pitch them. They’ll also teach you how to build lasting relationships with other Holy-Grail tech outlets.

You’ll learn:

  • The gadget, gear and tech-trend stories that command big coverage—and how you can hook to that coverage
  • How outlets differ in tone and audience—and how to customize pitches to them
  • Pitch tips: Story elements that attract tech journalists and how to use them to get wide coverage
  • Video, infographics, images in pitches—new media that catch tech editors’ eyes
  • How the best PR pros gain the trust of tech media; how to build relationships with top beat journalists
  • How to use Twitter, LinkedIn and other channels for tech media relations
  • The key credibility boosters and killers for top travel journalists
  • Inside secrets of pitching the press—from a Sprint PR exec who pitches A-list tech media daily

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