The New Google Playbook

The New Google Playbook

Broadcast date: July 21, 2016
Price: $249
Member Price: $209

A webinar recording featuring Martin Shervington, Google's only small business advisor in North America

Google tools power everything in digital communications—from increasing search visibility, to tracking ROI via Google Analytics and Adwords, to engaging followers on YouTube and G+. But keeping up with Google's changes—and its shift to mobile—can be difficult. Join this session to stay ahead. Learn to use Google's apps in their new formats to meet and beat your goals.

Order this webinar recording to bring your Google strategies, tactics and results up-to-date.

Product Code: XP-614

Everything digital changed when Google went mobile—did you? More than 50% of searches are done on mobile devices, 20% of Google searches are conducted by voice and 80% of smartphones are on the Android platform. That means you're behind the curve if you don't think "mobile first" when using Google's powerful apps for communicators!

Order this session to bring your Google strategy up to speed. Learn how to leverage the relationships between website and blog content, the role social media plays in search—and how to tie it together to form a "Google loop" that boosts audiences, reach and ROI.

You'll also learn:

  • What's new: The constantly updated Google suite
  • How to apply a "mobile-first" mindset to your communications
  • Google Search: Boost SEO with social media, authority-building tactics and mobile-ready content
  • Google Analytics: 7 ways to find and use data to understand your audiences—and improve ROI
  • Google AdWords: How to go deeper into AdWords settings and get more value for your ads, including:
    • New hints on how to run your account
    • Fresh tips for maximizing conversions
    • How to use the advanced setting in Keyword Planner
    • Insights for using Google Trends
  • YouTube optimization: How to supercharge your channel—and tie it to Google Search and AdWords
  • G+: How to leverage live events for Google Hangouts on Air
  • Google Integration: A practical way to tie Google Search, AdWords, Analytics, YouTube and G+ together