Speak to millennials

Speak to millennials

Broadcast date: Aug. 4, 2016
Price: $249
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A webinar recording featuring millennial expert Michael Parish DuDell, named a top millennial voice by IBM

With $200 billion in annual spending power, millennials are your most lucrative market. But engaging Gen Y requires that you understand its hot buttons and communication preferences. Join this session to hear where, when and how to engage the elusive generation in language they trust.

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Product Code: XP-616

If you think a Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram presence are enough to reach the digital generation, think again. There's much more to winning over savvy, skeptical Gen Y consumers than social media.

Order this insightful session to learn how to create intense brand loyalty with this demographic—from telling authentic stories and offering experiential marketing, to leveraging user-generated content to earn their trust. You'll also learn where, when and how to engage these hyper-connected consumers online—using native advertising, video and location-based X.

You'll learn:

  • Who millennials are: Data, stats and psychographics
  • How millennial minds change content creation and distribution
  • How visuals and emojis affect millennial marketing
  • How to create and share short and long brand stories that appeal to Gen Y
  • Best ways to gain, train and retain millennials
  • How to turn millennials into brand ambassadors
  • PR lessons from Taco Bell, Surge, Lululemon
  • How native advertising, organic, UGC and location-based content attract and engage Gen Y