Content Strategy in Six Steps

Content Strategy in Six Steps

Broadcast date: August 18, 2016
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A webinar recording featuring Amanda Todorovich, the content marketing director at The Cleveland Clinic.

You’ve poured resources into content and social media—only to see them stall. You’re not alone! Escape that cycle. Join this session guaranteed to help you launch a powerful content program—or deliver a jolt to your existing program—in six simple steps.

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A simple content strategy can help you: Get better ROI. Save time. Improve quality. Increase reach. Watch this session with Cleveland Clinic’s content marketing director Amanda Todorovich to learn how to create—or update—a winning content strategy in six easy steps.

Not only will she give you a personal copy of her content strategy, but she’ll also reveal how she employs a blog hub, 1.5 million Facebook followers and employee ambassadors to boost audience engagement, social media reach, website traffic and revenue—so you can do the same!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Draft a successful audience-centric content strategy
  • Define your content ecosystem—from content type and formats to best promotional channels
  • Create a blog to serve as the hub for all your content
  • Streamline content creation, content flow and approval processes
  • Exploit social media to boost traffic and engagement
  • Get more out of Facebook’s latest features and functions
  • Monetize your blog and social media audience via advertising and syndication
  • Use analytics to determine what, when and how to post