The Best Social Media Metrics

The Best Social Media Metrics

Broadcast Date: September 22, 2016
Price: $199
Member Price: $159

A webinar recording featuring measurement luminary Katie Paine and Southwest Airline’s Ashley Mainz.

Want to improve your social media results, increase recognition and earn bigger budgets? Watch this session to create a social media measurement strategy that achieves all this and more. You’ll learn to identify and use the very latest measurement tools and KPIs before competitors—including software and dashboards.

Benefits of attending this webinar:

  • Access for you and your entire team to watch
  • You’ll learn from two top measurement experts.
  • You’ll receive all presentations and handouts.

Watch this webinar and learn how to track data and use dashboards to get greater social media results.

Product Code: XP-620

We know you’re inundated with metrics and dashboards that don’t give you a snapshot of what really matters to your business.

Escape data clutter when you join measurement guru Katie Paine and Southwest Airline’s Ashley Mainz. They’ll show you how to home in on KPIs that show engagement and tie to the bottom line. You’ll learn how to create an integrated social media dashboard.

You’ll learn:

  • The latest social media metrics that impress execs
  • How to know which metrics are right for you
  • How to set your social media measurement goals
  • Analysis made easy: How to analyze the right data to get powerful insights that amplify social media successes
  • Easy ways to interpret social media results to adjust your strategy fast
  • The best dashboard tools and the best templates to borrow
  • How best to present your measurements to management
  • How data help you strike the best mix of organic and paid content
  • Common social media mistakes to avoid