17 social media tools to help communicators save time and money (CD)

17 social media tools to help communicators save time and money (CD)

Broadcast on December 15, 2009
Price: $99

Featuring Pete Codella, co-author of Integrated Marketing in the Digital World and creator of Using Social Media as a Tool for Public Relations
Product Code: XR-925

About the webinar CD

You know the story. You're sitting in that social media seminar as the instructor hops from one incredible new media platform to another. You want to know more, but you don't want to raise your hand and ask, "Hey, how can I use that in my job?" or maybe, "How can that help my career?"

Sound familiar? If so, this PR Daily webinar CD will help answer those questions—and so many more!

Pete Codella will walk you through 17 social media sites and show you the secrets for harnessing these tools. He will explain how these incredible social platforms can improve your career and simplify your life. When this presentation is over, you'll be the one in the social media seminars with the answers.

You'll learn how to:

  • Monitor what's being said on Twitter using RSS and third-party applications
  • Automate Twitter status updates and the people you follow
  • Manage your agency, your client or your company's online communication and marketing
  • Set-up an RSS reader to stay current on what's being said about you, industry news and trends
  • Optimize your Facebook fan page for business; 10 tools you've simply got to use
  • Differentiate between personal, business, fan and group pages on Facebook
  • Understand how your sites stack up when it comes to traffic and search engine optimization
  • Generate and read a Google Analytics report
  • Search blogs for comments and commentary then subscribe to the RSS for that search so you only have to do it once
  • Grade your web site and attend to actionable items to boost your traffic and sales
  • Set-up a Lifestream to aggregate your content from multiple platforms to just one site
  • Manage FriendFeed to aggregate content, engage online networks, join groups and search for content
  • Update all your social media sites from one location
  • And more!