Intranet Best Practices Conference

Intranet Best Practices Conference

Dec. 5-6, 2017
Price: $995
Member Price: $745
  • Secure funding and resources for your intranet upgrade
  • Break down silos and improve productivity with social collaboration tools
  • Use employee feedback and data to show the ROI of your intranet to senior executives
  • Build an intranet that strengthens your culture and reflects brand values

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    Keynotes with:
    Dante Ragazzo Coach, Inc.
    Dante Ragazzo
    Director of enterprise portal
    Shannon Jones JetBlue Airways
    Shannon Jones
    Corporate communications
    Kate McMillan JetBlue Airways
    Kate McMillan
    Corporate communications manager
    Andrew Jayne Cigna
    Andrew Jayne
    Internal communications manager
    Don Shell Ford
    Don Shell
    Enterprise community manager
    Breakout sessions with:
    Arlene McCrehan Goodwill
    Arlene McCrehan
    Senior director, member communications
    Energizing engagement with grassroots and grass-tops advocacy
    Jennifer Ruffino Edward Jones
    Jennifer Ruffino
    JonesLink senior department leader
    How to quantify intranet return on investment
    Brittany Cripe Stanford University
    Brittany Cripe
    Senior communications specialist
    If you build it, they will come ... or will they? Inside an internal communications program at Stanford University
    Karissa Quinlan UPMC
    Karissa Quinlan
    Senior manager, internal communications technology
    Launch day isn't the beginning ... or the end: Practical tips to make sure you're prepared
    Anne Hartwick American Cancer Society
    Anne Hartwick
    Communications manager, news channels

Are you stuck with an outdated, stale intranet that desperately needs a total makeover?

Ragan's Intranet Best Practices Conference will show you how top organizations reimagined their intranet for the modern mobile workforce and saw productivity and collaboration skyrocket. You'll learn the practical, cost-effective strategies they used to gain buy-in for their efforts, find the right tools, ensure high engagement and get the hard numbers needed to prove success.

Leave with the knowledge you need to overhaul your intranet and build a network that supports your communication and business goals.

You will learn how to:

  • Instill meaning and emotion into your intranet stories
  • Tap into the needs of millennial employees when planning intranet updates
  • Take a multichannel approach to reaching employees with important news
  • Tie your intranet revamp efforts to key business goals
  • Encourage collaboration across departments using social media tools
  • Create a space for employee-driven conversations on your intranet
  • Set attainable goals for improving your intranet content
  • Find the right tools and platforms for your organization
  • Identify the success measures that are important to senior executives
  • Develop a plan to train employees on new intranet features
  • Innovate and experiment, even in a heavily regulated industry
  • Reach a dispersed and mobile workforce
  • Collect feedback to identify shortcomings and continuously optimize
  • Use fun, personalized touches to build an intranet that reflects your culture
  • End technology headaches by building a strong relationship with your IT team

Who should attend?
Directors, managers, specialists and heads of:

checkmark Intranet
checkmark Internal communications
checkmark Employee engagement
checkmark Enterprise portals
checkmark Corporate communications
checkmark Digital communications
checkmark Community management

Presented by: Hosted by: Sponsored by:
Ragan Communications, Inc. IBM Cloud Video interact