2017 Leadership & Executive Communications Conference

2017 Leadership & Executive Communications Conference

Sept. 18-19, 2017: Washington, D.C.
Price: $995
Member Price: $845

Pre-conference workshops: Monday, Sept. 18 | Main agenda: Tuesday, Sept. 19

  • Run your executive communications strategy like a news desk to respond to the 24/7 nature of communications today
  • Craft speeches that convey your speaker's authentic voice and move audiences to action
  • Repurpose your executive communication content for different platforms—from a speech to a blog post, LinkedIn article, op-ed or tweet
  • Keep leadership communications relevant in a world of shrinking attention spans and information overload

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Monday, Sept. 18

9-11 a.m.
Pre-Conference Workshop 1
The secrets of speechwriting with style: Get back to basics to create your next best speech
Vinca LaFleurEven in our high-tech, high-speed communications age, speeches still hold power: To transform ideas into action. Chart a new course. Energize employees. Excite shareholders. Contain a crisis. Define a debate. But if a speech is going to accomplish any of those goals, it’s got to be well conceived and well crafted.

In this workshop, West Wing Writers partner Vinca LaFleur will teach you the secrets of speechwriting with style, including:

  • Asking the right questions about the occasion and the audience
  • Focusing the message
  • Conducting efficient research
  • Creating memorable beginnings and meaningful conclusions
  • Crafting persuasive arguments Incorporating storytelling and humor
  • Harnessing the power of rhetorical devices
  • Formatting the text for successful delivery
  • Amplifying the speech's message beyond the auditorium
Vinca LaFleur is a partner at West Wing Writers. @vincalafleur

11:15 a.m.-12:45 p.m.
Pre-Conference Workshop 2
How to use video to drive a high performance culture
Vern OakleySpeechwriters and executive communicators know how to use the written and spoken word to engage and persuade their audiences. But film and video are the fastest-growing content medium, and communications professionals have to understand how to use the advantages to their benefit. Veteran corporate filmmaker Vern Oakley, founder & CEO of Tribe Pictures, will show how your leaders can use film and video to humanize their organizations and share their vision. He will draw on his nearly 30 years as a film director and producer working with executives around the world to tell their stories and humanize their organizations.

During this workshop you will learn:

  • Practical tips on how to create a compelling narrative in film
  • How leaders use film and video to transform their organizations
  • Best practices for turning your leaders into great video storytellers
  • How leaders can make use of key emotional triggers and cues to help them create authenticity and build trust
  • Research on how humans are wired from birth to respond to film and video
Vern Oakley is the founder and CEO of Tribe Pictures. @vernoakley

12:45-1:45 p.m.
Lunch on your own

2 -4 p.m.
Pre-Conference Workshop 3
Storytelling: How to harness the power of stories to bring out your speaker's humanity, drive your arguments home and create a lasting impression on your audience
Rob FriedmanIt's an axiom that most executives prefer statistics to stories in their communications. But as John Kotter says in "Leading Change"—and as subsequent research has proven—"Those in leadership positions who fail to grasp or use the power of stories risk failure for their companies and for themselves." Buckle up and let former Eli Lilly speechwriter Rob Friedman take you from zero to speechwriter in three and a half hours.

You'll learn:

  • Why stories are the most powerful technique for reaching and influencing today's audiences
  • Which stories are most effective—and why
  • How to customize stories to your speaker, your argument and your audience
  • How to elicit stories that show not just what your speakers know but who they are
  • Where to find stories—including the greatest untapped source of speaker stories
  • The most powerful motivational story
  • How to tell stories that audiences listen to and remember
  • How to convince your speakers of the power of stories—and coach them to deliver their stories effectively
Rob Friedman is the retired senior director of executive communications for Eli Lilly and Co.

5-6:30 p.m.
Networking cocktail party