2017 Leadership & Executive Communications Conference

2017 Leadership & Executive Communications Conference

Sept. 19, 2017
Price: $695
Member Price: $545
  • Run your executive communications strategy like a news desk to respond to the 24/7 nature of communications today
  • Craft speeches that convey your speaker's authentic voice and move audiences to action
  • Repurpose your executive communication content for different platforms—from a speech to a blog post, LinkedIn article, op-ed or tweet
  • Keep leadership communications relevant in a world of shrinking attention spans and information overload

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Ragan Communications, Inc.  
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  • Keynotes with:
    Sarah Hurwitz Sarah Hurwitz
    Former head speechwriter for Michelle Obama
    Lessons learned from first lady Michelle Obama on how to write a powerful, memorable and authentic speech
    Cappy Surette Cappy Surette
    Senior manager, executive communication for Walt Disney World Resort
    Castles in the air: Lessons from the Disney way to present
    Breakout sessions with:
    Oscar Suris Wells Fargo
    Oscar Suris
    Head of corporate communications
    Executive communications in a time of change
    Mary Gibson Honeywell
    Mary Gibson
    Director, executive and employee communications
    Shape-shifter: Becoming the right communications partner for any executive
    Liz Coffey McDonald's Corp.
    Liz Coffey
    Manager, executive communications/global internal communications
    Building a better executive communications presence
    Lisa Gibson Microsoft Canada
    Lisa Gibson
    Executive communications lead and senior business manager
    Multiple communications platforms, one unifying purpose
    Joel Schwartzberg American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
    Joel Schwartzberg
    Senior director of strategic and executive communications
    How to coach your speakers—and yourself—to make points clearly and convincingly through effective public speaking techniques


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