Practical PR Virtual Master Class

Practical PR Virtual Master Class

Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017
1-3:30 p.m. Central
Price: $345
Member Price: $245

The traditional model of getting media attention is shrinking.

According to Spencer Sutherland of CHG Health Care, "it's especially true for niche industries that are not inherently newsworthy."

In this virtual master class, you'll hear from PR experts who have enhanced their storytelling techniques and become more compelling and captivating to external audiences. Join us as we cover how to create and publish human interest stories around your employees, how to make the most of subject matter experts and how to incorporate surveys to vet your content internally.

This Practical PR Virtual Master Class is a rebroadcast of the top sessions from previous Ragan events.

This Practical PR Virtual Master class includes the top-rated sessions from past Ragan events.

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Jason Baker Jason Baker is a founding member of the FedEx Social Media team. He's had a front seat view of the digital revolution, and played a key role in development of the FedEx social voice. During his tenure he has led the FedEx launch of Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook. He has also served as editor of the FedEx Blog. Exposure to many different aspects of Corporate Communications has fueled his passion for the intersection of technology and storytelling. He relies on this background daily to help transform a mindset away from the traditional press release and towards an authentic, engaging Brand Journalism approach to storytelling. Nobody likes a hard sales pitch. As humans, we are drawn to stories. That's how technology can make us feel connected. Talk to him about: great books, national parks, ultimate Frisbee, college football, and general adventure.
Spencer Sutherland Spencer Sutherland leads public relations for CHG Healthcare, the nation's largest physician staffing organization. Over the past decade, he has represented organizations ranging from local startups to multibillion dollar healthcare companies. In his free time, he writes about music for several online publications, raises three kids (who he generally likes) and is finishing a graphic novel about his misadventures in Amsterdam. @spencer_chg
Jake Jacobson Jake Jacobson director of public relations at Children's Mercy Kansas City, shares patients' inspiring stories and physicians' innovative with an ever-growing audience through national editorial coverage, social media (@ChildrensMercy) and community engagement. Jake especially enjoys educating and empowering physicians and staff on the benefits of using social media to build and bolster relationships. In nearly 20 years of experience in brand-side social media, media relations and daily journalism, Jake continues to hone his PR skills through immersion, experimentation, learning from his friends ... and his mistakes. When he's not refreshing Twitter (@JakesJournal) or Facebook, Jake enjoys running, biking, hiking, traveling, volunteering and being a cheerleader for all things KC.