PR and Social Media Summit (Webcast)

PR and Social Media Summit (Webcast)

SAS World Headquarters
Cary, NC
Nov. 30, 2012
Price: $745
Member Price: $595
  • Measure your PR and translate ROI to impress management
  • Create content "good enough to steal"
  • Establish authentic dialogues and relationships–online and off
  • Online games: How they can achieve PR goals

Presented by Ragan Communications, hosted by SAS.

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This one-day summit is part of Ragan's Breakthrough Strategies for Corporate Communications Conference.
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  • Practical sessions with:
    Laura HoweAmerican National Red Cross
    Laura Howe
    Tara Carraro SAS
    Kirsten Hamstra
    Evan Welsh SAP
    Evan Welsh
    Shel Holtz
    Maggie Fox

Can't attend the event? You can still register for a live video webcast of the summit.

And better yet, your registration includes a DVD recording of every session. Read on ...

Don't miss the most popular event of the year for PR and social media professionals. If you register for this live video webcast, you'll be able to watch all of the sessions live. But we'll also deliver a recording of all the sessions within 10 to 15 business days after the event. (These recordings include videos of all speakers plus speaker handouts.)

Why register for the webcast?

  • You can watch the most popular sessions live.
  • We're all busy, right? The DVD recording allows you to watch the breakout sessions on your timetable.
  • Pass around the DVDs to your colleagues so your whole team can share in the learning.
  • The DVD allows you to watch every session from the summit.
  • Share with your office. Very few companies can afford to send more than one or two people to live event. But with our live webcast and DVD recording, you can share the presentations with as many of your colleagues as you like.
  • You'll get all of the handouts and materials from the conference. Download them and share them with the office.

So register today for our webcast of the PR and Social Media Summit.

We will webcast each session live November 30. All sessions will be included on the DVD recording.

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