Intranet Benchmarking Webcast

Intranet Benchmarking Webcast

Tuesday, Nov. 13
11 a.m. to 2:30p.m. Central
Price: $395
Member Price: $295

12–3:30 p.m. Eastern | 10 a.m.–1:30 p.m. Mountain | 9 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Pacific

A video webcast featuring case studies from Best Buy, the Mayo Clinic and SAS

Product Code: Y2WC28

Is your intranet the last place employees check when looking for what’s going on in your company?

Are you convinced great ideas are brewing in cubicles and branch offices across your organization—but don’t know how to access them?

Do you wish you could harness the power and energy of external social media for internal collaboration—but fear that chaos may break out if you tried it?

Learn how to transform your organization through the power of social intranet. Open up to a whole new way of doing business by swiping best practices from communications superstars at Best Buy, Mayo Clinic, and SAS.

Watch these top-ranked sessions from our sold-out intranet summit in this 3½ hour video webcast. View them at your desk or gather your team in the conference room.

You’ll get a free DVD of the entire webcast so you can review sessions and share with your colleagues.

Learn how to:

  • Spark conversation with content
  • Introduce social media tools that the bigwigs will love
  • Develop policies that prevent snark and encourage idea-sharing
  • Increase participation through news bulletins, polls, and photo contests
  • Create a newsroom approach that allows nothing to slip through the cracks

Four Intranet managers show you how they connect employees and customers across the globe:

  • Andy Hokenson describes how Best Buy harnesses the energy of its young retail staff
  • Becky Graebe fills you in on how SAS trusts workers to build SAS’s online community their own way 
  • Karen Trewin and Hoyt Finnamore tell you how to purge corporate blather from publications and videos—and why this leads to a happy organization

Re-think how to empower your workforce. Find out why “getting engaged to your employees” matters. Spark global staff interaction in easy, effective ways. Enliven your content with videos. These experts tell you how.

In the next five years, social media networks will integrate company and industry news-gathering with every employee's work more powerfully than ever before. Intranets will dominate employee communications, and social media networks will make intranets critical to your organization’s success.