Corporate Video Workshop: Practical tips to produce a video and make it go viral

Corporate Video Workshop: Practical tips to produce a video and make it go viral

January 15, 2013
Price: $395
Member Price: $295

In this webcast, you will learn:

  • How to create content sharable by your brand's regional markets for replicable success
  • Marketing and PR campaign-seeding strategies that deliver results
  • The "Four Peaks" of shaping great video content
  • The seven steps to powerful video storytelling: Does your video embody them?
  • Why an improvised script practically guarantees your video will fall flat
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You promised your boss 100,000 views if you could produce that video. Instead, your masterpiece was ignored on YouTube.

It’s not that you lack talent. It’s that you could use the training with someone who experienced in viral success. Someone like the guys behind Coca-Cola’s “Happiness Machine” videos.

Learn from them and video master Drew Keller in this Ragan webcast, “Corporate Video Workshop: Practical tips to produce a video and make it go viral,” airing from 11 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. Central January 15.

It’s a sensational doubleheader featuring Drew, along with Coca-Cola’s A.J. Brustein and Definition6’s Paul McClay.

Drew, an award-winning television producer, talks you through stumbles and uncertainty into professional-grade use of this potent communications tool.

Meanwhile, A.J. and Paul tell how—despite the gargantuan resources of Coca-Cola—they took a small-budget path to promoting what became a mega-hit. And how you can do the same.

You’ll learn:

  • Key steps for scripting and storyboarding
  • The one make-or-break pre-production idea
  • Why corporate videos must build tension to maintain attention
  • How to write critical turning points into your every script

Then A.J. and Paul tell how their Happiness Machine video won 4.6 million viewers on a promotional budget of zero. The key is the content—and making people happy.

Their campaign began with a question: “Can we create Coca-Cola content which goes viral based on the merit of the work alone?”

They’ll show you how they turned a video success into an international series of market-specific hits, from an Istanbul Valentine’s Day promotion, to a Rio de Janeiro beach, where a Coke truck delivered sodas, soccer balls, and surfboards.

The bottler pulled off a series of worldwide hits by drawing on psychological insight: We all want to be happy. And they show how video powerfully evokes that emotion.

They explain four keys to viral success, based on a famous wedding video. And they help you understand why wit is essential.

Remember: "Your company is only going to share things that make it look better,” as Paul says.

You’ll learn the secrets of viral success. They even share how they initiated buzz on social media to make sure their efforts got noticed.

Still not convinced? Look at everything you get just for signing up:

  • The entire video recording on DVD—a permanent vital addition to your corporate training library
  • The ability to pack as many people as you like into your conference room to watch the re-broadcast
  • And a complete set of the presenters PowerPoint slides