The 6th Annual Employee Communications, PR and Social Media Summit

The 6th Annual Employee Communications, PR and Social Media Summit

October 28-30, 2014
Microsoft World Headquarters
Redmond, WA

Pre-Conference Workshops: October 28
Conference: October 29-30
Price: $1295
Member Price: $1045
  • Prove communications ROI: stop counting activity and start measuring results
  • Breathe life back into your writing! How to create irresistible content
  • Empower brand champions with an effective social media strategy
  • Turn technology disruption into a plus with open communications

Presented by Ragan Communications: An event hosted by Microsoft Corporation

Twitter hashtag: #RaganMSFT

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  • Featuring:
    Adam Pisoni YAMMER
    Adam Pisoni
    Turn disruption into an organizational plus: The power of open communication
    Adam Brown SALESFORCE
    Adam Brown
    It's just a sandwich: How to remember what effective communications is all about
    Larry Emond GALLUP
    Larry Emond
    The global state of engagement²
    Katherine HallenMICROSOFT 
    Katherine Hallen
    Day One of a merger and beyond: Build employee engagement in an acquisition
    Carol SorianoMICROSOFT 
    Carol Soriano
    Day One of a merger and beyond: Build employee engagement in an acquisition
    Kenton Olson
    Put the social back in social media: Build a scalable response strategy
    Tina DavisCOMCAST 
    Tina Davis
    How to influence executives to get a truly social enterprise
    Therese Van Ryne
    Strengthen your PR to project a global voice for your company
    Robin Farr
    Strategies for communicating with a distributed workforce
    Daniel Orme-Doutre MICROSOFT
    Daniel Orme-Doutre
    Digital signage and employee comms: Key lessons from Microsoft
    Paolo Tosolini RUN STUDIOS
    Paolo Tosolini
    Digital signage and employee comms: Key lessons from Microsoft
    Mary Viola CDW
    Mary Viola
    Build the perfect partnership: own employee engagement with your CEO
    Joie Healy CISCO 
    Joie Healy
    Brand journalism: Beyond the buzz
    Jami Hahn
    How to communicate big ideas on a beer budget
    Drew Keller STORYGUIDE
    Drew Keller
    How to create a video production process that optimizes your time and your organization's resources
    Doug Thomas
    Grass-roots video marketing inside billion-dollar companies
    Dani Townsend
    Measure communications effectiveness: Stop counting activity and start measuring results
    Cory Edwards ADOBE
    Cory Edwards
    Rethink your business to be social-by-design: Build a social media Center of Excellence
    Allison Fitzpatrick DAVIS & GILBERT
    Allison Fitzpatrick
    How to manage the legal and PR risks in social media
    Aaron Hunt
    How Union Pacific uses its history to engage media, employees and rail fans
    Danielle Brigida
    How to match social media strategy to your organization's goals
    Mindy Mizell
    Think like a journalist: Use breaking news for real-time PR & crisis management
    Mark Ragan
    Breathe life back into your writing! Create irresistible content that engages stakeholders and builds your brand
    Jordan Reese
    Do the right thing: Preserving reputation through a year-long crisis
    Kristin Graham EXPEDIA, INC.
    Kristin Graham
    Do's and don'ts learned from dot-com employee communications
    Carolyn Shelby THE TRIBUNE COMPANY
    Carolyn Shelby
    How to demonstrate hard ROI through social media measurement


Wednesday, October 29

9 a.m.-10 a.m.
Opening Keynote
Turn disruption into an organizational plus:
The power of open communication

Adam PisoniAlthough businesses have always faced disruption, technology and the speed of information accelerate its frequency, making uncertainty and change a reality of modern business. The good news: The pace and scope of disruption is the same for everyone, so innovative companies that rethink their workplace can capitalize on this open flow of information. By encouraging employees to think beyond their job descriptions, and empowering these individuals to respond creatively and collaboratively to non-routine work, companies can keep a competitive edge in this new era. Join Adam Pisoni as he discusses the power of open communication and the future of work.

In this session you'll explore:

  • Why communications has evolved so quickly
  • What exactly is this new age of information?
  • What makes an organization more responsive to changing needs of the market?
  • The Responsive Organization framework and how to apply it to your organization
  • Examples of organizations that have become more responsive How to create lasting change within your organization
Adam Pisoni oversees engineering and software development at Yammer, part of the Microsoft Office Division.

10:15 a.m.-11:15 a.m.
Brand journalism: Beyond the buzz
Joie HealyBrand journalism is no longer a buzzword. As media change and journalism adapts, people consume content from portals, hubs and social networks. To contribute to thought leadership, brands develop their own brand journalism strategies to suit their industries, and journalists are jumping on board. As an innovator for your brand, you'll likely have considered the pros and cons of doing brand journalism. In this session, you'll learn from a seasoned expert the ins and outs of brand journalism, of enlisting an internal content team and of repurposing content.

You'll learn:

  • The basics of creating a brand journalism program
  • The importance of building a separate, unique content team
  • Ways to repurpose content to become a part of larger conversations
  • How to find, reproduce and share published content
  • How to measure success in your brand journalism
Joie Healy is the Senior Manager of Social Communications with Cisco.

11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Grass-roots video marketing inside billion-dollar companies
Doug ThomasWith no budget, Doug Thomas created a popular help- and how-to video series for office workers shot in his own office at Microsoft. Discover the tricks and techniques Doug uses for Office Casual that can help you create videos that work, without incurring the elaborate video-production overhead.

In this session you will discover:

  • 5 keys to a successful no-budget video shot in your office
  • Why it's good to be angry, or how passion trumps production value
  • 3 creative kick-starters It's not about diving deep, but diving often
  • It's the content, stupid
Doug Thomas is a Content Developer for and has created and appeared in more than 250 videos including Office Casual, an award-winning how-to series shot at his desk.

12:30 p.m.-1:30 p.m.
Lunch and sponsor break

1:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m.
Full steam ahead:
How Union Pacific uses history to engage media, employees and rail fans

Aaron HuntB2B brands like Union Pacific Railroad touch the lives of consumers across the country every day. But Union Pacific and other B2B companies struggle to communicate to consumers the central role they play in the recovering American economy. Learn how Union Pacific's reputation managers have exploited UP's colorful brand history to break through the clutter and stand out from our competitors. UP's B2B and consumer brand communicators reach key audiences and transform consumers into brand ambassadors on several platforms.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Why UP's corporate history appeals to media on competing deadlines
  • How content creation strategies grow out of earned media campaigns
  • To expand the reach of your content through new channels
  • How Union Pacific uses 150-year-old technology to create new rail fans
  • Why UP's external campaigns enhance its employee engagement
Aaron Hunt is the Director of Corporate Relations for Union Pacific Railway.

2:45 p.m.-3:45 p.m.
Strengthen your PR to project a global voice for your company
Therese Van RyneEvery successful product launch or event starts with a strategic plan including the setting of goals and tactics. We PR pros try to exceed these business objectives and media goals. We also hope the diversity of coverage engages new audiences, increasing overall visibility. By using non-traditional online and social media, we increase awareness of our brand and build credibility for our organizations. This credibility grows through effective measurement and reporting, but is that all it takes? Does it have to end there? Therese Van Ryne doesn't think so.

In this session, Therese will share her team's experience on:

  • How to set the right expectations for media relations tactics
  • How to move beyond the basics to show PR's influence on sales
  • How PR content can also increase sales
  • How to report PR's return on investment
Therese Van Ryne is Director of Communications for the Americas at Motorola Solutions.

4 p.m.-5 p.m.
The global state of engagement²
Larry EmondNearly all large organizations emphasize employee AND customer engagement. How are they doing? Larry Emond, managing director at Gallup, will report on the national and global state of both, pulling data from Gallup's databases for the past two decades. He will look at the relationship between the two, which is not simply linear, and what the world's very best companies do to increase both. Finally, Larry will look at Gallup's most recent analysis of how social media engages employees and customers.

In this session you will explore:

  • The national and global state of employee and customer engagement
  • The complicated relationship of employee and customer engagement
  • Engagement best practices, including the most important lever any organization can pull
  • How social media helps manage employee and customer engagement
Larry Emond is Managing Director at Gallup.

5:15 p.m.-7 p.m.
Networking Cocktail Party
Hosted by Microsoft Corporation


Thursday, October 30

9 a.m.-10 a.m.
Think like a journalist:
Use breaking news for real-time PR & crisis management

Mindy MizellIn the age of smartphones and citizen journalism, breaking news happens 24/7. Because the public has turned to many platforms for the latest news, PR has changed from engaging journalists by traditional press releases and email pitches to new social media platforms including YouTube and other online services. Join a seasoned public relations expert who will discuss PR strategies for using the daily news cycle and breaking news to promote your brand in real-time.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • How and when to respond to news events and breaking news
  • Ways to integrate traditional and new media strategies in real-time
  • Best practices for promoting and managing your brand
  • How to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Skype for PR during breaking news
  • Tips for exploiting news events to develop PR campaigns and manage crises
  • How to think like a journalist
Mindy Mizell is the Director of Global Public Relations for International Justice Mission (IJM), a global human rights agency based in Washington, DC.

10:15 a.m.-11:15 a.m.
Do the right thing:
Preserving reputation through a year-long crisis

Jordan ReeseMost crises last days, sometimes weeks, before making way for the next news story. But when you're the biggest employer in a town with a television station, two major newspapers and a story about race that resonates nationally, the crisis can consume your organization. Jordan Reese will discuss how Lehigh University spent the 2013-14 school year communicating their messages to different audiences despite a federal probe, campus protests and yuck, YikYak.

You'll learn:

  • How to work with media to minimize negative coverage and humanize your organization
  • How to marshal your organization's various departments—and values—to support messaging
  • Why knowing your organization, its history and its stakeholders, is the best way to prepare for a crisis
  • Why the best defense against criticism is probably right under your nose
  • Why social media (a crisis game-changer) is something to use, not fear
Jordan Reese is Lehigh University's Director of Media Relations.

11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Closing Keynote
It's just a sandwich:
How to remember what effective communications is all about

Adam BrownToo often, we get trapped in complexity of our own making. Technology is transforming marketing and communications. It's easy to lose sight what effective communication means when we home in on new technology, new platforms and new tools.

Not that all of that isn't important: Adam Brown led the digital media practice at Ketchum PR, founded social media communications at The Coca-Cola Company and transformed social at Dell. And he's now the Executive Strategist at Salesforce—the birthplace of social tools like Radian6, Buddy Media, and ExactTarget. Adam's got techie props.

But marketing and communications technology must COMPLEMENT storytelling. Adam will share five insights on what effective communications is all about.

In this session we'll explore:

  • Storytelling—the idea of "Purposeful Edutainment"
  • Technology is 2-way (i.e., Technology is for research, not just content distribution)
  • Communications vs. Broadcasting (i.e. Social is 1:1 or narrowcast. Don't use it to broadcast.)
  • "Surround sound": You must use multiple platforms, media, strategies and tactics to reach audiences today.
  • Content is expensive: How to get the most of the content YOU create. How to SHARE content and empower influencers to be your champions and evangelists.
Adam Brown is the Executive Strategist with

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