Secrets of newsjacking

Secrets of newsjacking

Thursday, Dec. 10, 2015
2 - 3:15 p.m. Central Time
Standard Price: $249
Price: $219

This instructive webinar features David Meerman Scott, author of "Newsjacking," with award-winning media pitchers Greg Matusky, president of Gregory FCA; Lauren Davis, associate VP of Gregory FCA; and Jon Mitchell Jackson, attorney and author of the "Trial Communication Tips for Everyone" blog.

News stories break every second. It's so easy to get drowned out in the deluge of constant coverage. But there's a way to turn the tide.

Learn to ride any breaking news story when you join this exclusive webinar guaranteed to arm you—and your team—with the art and science of newsjacking. You'll discover how to:

  • Tie your idea, brand or product to any breaking news story.
  • Generate huge media coverage by linking to trending topics.
  • Craft timely email, phone and social media pitches that boost leads, sales and business.
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Price: $219

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Price: $219

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Do you want to:

  • Jump quickly on a trending story?
  • Attract reporters and fans with timely commentary?
  • Dominate your industry or market with thought leadership?
  • Dramatically boost SEO with sudden, massive media placements?
  • Craft irresistible pitches tied to breaking news—guaranteed to turn your brand into a media darling and set social media ablaze?

Be timely. Be relevant. Break into breaking news.

Here's how: You can piggyback any popular news story! It's true, and it's easier than you think to spur vast media interest in your brand—if you apply the newsjacking methods revealed in this exclusive webinar. What you learn here will improve your PR pitches, press hit rates, SEO and social media buzz.

Join four of the nation's leading media relations pros—including the expert who literally wrote the book on "Newsjacking"—on Dec. 10 to learn to capitalize on public excitement and become a resource for scrambling journalists the next time big news breaks.

You'll learn:

  • What newsjacking is—and isn't—plus how to add this powerful strategy to your media relations arsenal
  • Strategic thinking: Easy steps to create and sell a real-time way of thinking at your organization
  • Trendspotting secrets: Innovative ways to get ahead of the news curve
  • How to find the best breaking news to piggyback—from SEO and hashtag tips to free monitoring tools
  • Story planning: Determine how your brand relates to breaking news—and how to find an irresistible story
  • Rapid response actions guaranteed to give your angle visibility—from blog posts and Tweets to media alerts
  • A step-by-step process to craft—and deliver—the perfect newsjack pitch:
    • The three things journalists must have from your pitches
    • The template of a perfect pitch—from subject line to signature
    • Magic words, phrases and elements you must make part of every pitch you craft
    • Tips for pitching by email, social media, phone and in-person
    • Pitch examples and techniques to tie company news to trending topics
  • ...and much more!

Register for this webinar to inject your ideas into breaking news stories. Generate vast media coverage, boost sales leads and grow your business!