The Influential Communicator

The Influential Communicator

Sept. 26-27, 2016
New York City
Price: $995
Member Price: $845

Pre-conference workshop: Monday, Sept. 26
Main conference: Tuesday, Sept. 27

  • Take charge of communication: Stop being an order taker and become a strategic partner
  • Upgrade your editorial operation and improve your storytelling
  • Assemble a team of brand journalists, and push them toward creativity
  • How to edit, write and create concepts like an experienced executive producer

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Presented by: Hosted by:
Ragan Communications, Inc. WSP | Parsons Brinkerhoff
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Ragan Insider
Price: $279
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    Hear from Ragan's all-star, highest rated speakers, including:
    Justin Allen Justin Allen, CEO and head of content at Ruckus Factory Digital Studios
    Steve CrescenzoSteve Crescenzo, CEO of Crescenzo Communications and highly sought-after consultant, writer and seminar leader
    Jim YliselaJim Ylisela, president and co-owner of Duff Media Partners Inc.
    Mark RaganMark Ragan, publisher and CEO of Ragan Communications, Inc.

When does content matter? That's easy!

When it educates your audiences, or inspires them to action.

When it showcases your organization's goals and expertise with great storytelling, not obvious self-promotion.

It's content that sticks. If you can do that in the age of the 8-second attention span and the latest YouTube cat video, you are an Influential Communicator.

We designed this conference-in-a-workshop to help you get there. We'll show you ways to upgrade your editorial operation and improve your storytelling. We'll show you who's doing it right—and how. And we'll challenge you to rethink your own editorial process and try your hand at some new methods. (That's right—we're not doing this without you.)

Featuring Ragan's top-rated speakers, you will learn how to:

  • Create editorial guidelines to direct your work—and manage expectations throughout the organization
  • Make video an integral part of editorial—not just an add-on or after-thought
  • Shift the tone and voice of your communications, internally and externally. It's about the audience, not you
  • Ensure your writing and editing meets editorial standards you've set
  • Make your content team ace storytellers—and find the hidden storytellers in your organization
  • And so much more!
Rave reviews from past attendees:

"It validated my approach to communications (as a former journalist) and inspired me to continue to advocate and push for more story-driven, conversational communications. I have already done this to some extent, but I can be doing better."

"Very energizing. Helped to snap me out taking a corporate zombie approach to communications."

"It refreshed me on things I know but can lose track of in the constant "busy-ness" and demands, and also educated me on new approaches."

"Liked the speakers and their ability to connect through real-life experiences and their willingness to interact regularly with the attendees."

"While the presentations were very helpful, the time spent discussing challenges with other corporate comms professionals in other industries was invaluable."

"I really liked the variety of topics but how they all tied back to being creative and effective in Corporate Communications."

"Inspired excitement about writing. After so many years, we forget why we got into this business."

Presented by: Hosted by:
Ragan Communications, Inc. WSP | Parsons Brinkerhoff