Create shareable videos

Create shareable videos

Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016
2-3:15 p.m. Central Time
Price: $249
Member Price: $209

A 60-minute webinar with Red Bull Media House Director-Producer George Mays.

Warning: This is NOT yet another standard PR webinar promising "visual storytelling 101 for communicators."

It's advanced video training taught by a Hollywood insider and producer-director at Red Bull—the brand that dominates YouTube.

Join this session and learn:

  • How to plan and post provoking videos on the cheap
  • Exclusive storyboarding, scripting and editing techniques
  • To create a YouTube channel that crushes the competition
  • Secrets of grabbing Millennials on Snapchat, Vine, Instagram and other top visual channels
Product Code: Y6TP02

FACT: Red Bull flat out OWNS YouTube.

FACT: Red Bull enjoyed SIX BILLION+ video shares last year—making it the No. 2 most-shared video brand on Earth.

FACT: Red Bull tops today's video-marketing food chain. Some of its videos get more than $100 million in media value.

You can learn first-hand from this prolific media powerhouse how to script, shoot and share videos that reach millions.

This instructive session presented by Red Bull Media House Director and Producer George Mays will show you how to skyrocket search, shareability and social media ROI using the amazing power of video.

You'll learn:

  • How to create videos that attract audiences and build business
  • How to set attainable goals for your videos
  • Step-by-step advanced storytelling: Create cool concepts and storylines that hook savvy Millennials
  • How to use storyboards and scripts
  • Inexpensive tools, cameras and editing software—and how to use them
  • How to build a stellar YouTube channel—and optimize and post wide-reaching videos
  • Tips for eliminating dreaded "click-aways"
  • New ideas for greater reach on Snapchat, Vine, Instagram and other top visual channels

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