Social Media Boot Camp for Corporate Communicators

Social Media Boot Camp for Corporate Communicators

September 20 in Calgary, AB, hosted by TransAlta
Price: $795
Member Price: $645
  • Use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to reach reporters who ignore your traditional pitches
  • Launch an internal social network for employees for less than a few thousand dollars
  • Strategies for responding to the "" phenomenon
  • Build credibility between leadership and employees with a CEO blog

Presented by Ragan Communications

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    Mark Ragan Ragan Communications 
    Mark Ragan

Have you mastered these communication tools:

Blogs, podcasts, wikis, social networks, YouTube? Learn how Web 2.0 and new media can help you inspire employees, win media coverage and overhaul the image of your company inside and out

You've heard the buzzwords:

Social Media... Interactivity... New Media... Web 2.0... New Communications...

Whatever you call it, this new age of interactive communications is revolutionizing the way we talk to employees, shareholders, the media and our customers.

This one-day workshop will teach you everything you need to know to get started. You'll return to your office with a complete understanding of why social media matters and how the most innovative companies have already tapped into this new communication technology.

Have you thought about launching a blog for your organization? Ragan will show you how to avoid the five classic mistakes and create a blog that advances the interests of your organization overnight.

What about Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, widgets and the dozens of other social media tools at your disposal? You'll leave this one-day event knowing which tools you can't afford to ignore and which aren't worth your time.

Need one place to go for case studies proving social media's worth? In this packed day of training, Mark Ragan will show you case studies from Southwest Airlines, Dell Computers, American Express, Cisco, Starbucks and Sun Microsystems.

What about social media nightmares? How can these new tools be used against your company, and what can you do about it now?

Most importantly, the Social Media Boot Camp will give you the ammunition you need to persuade your senior leaders and your clients to join the Web 2.0 revolution.

Social media has been around long enough to produce real case studies by real companies. You'll see them all. And you'll learn from their triumphs and their mistakes:

  • Learn how Southwest Airlines launched a blog that was so successful that it helped change the airlines' seating policies.
  • See what happens when you don't embrace social media. We'll show you one Fortune 100 company whose employees have built their own social media site devoted to attacking their CEO.
  • Discover how IBM uses entertaining—yes, even funny!—podcasts to motivate and educate employees.
  • Learn how you can launch a radio talk show and distribute over the Internet to employees or stakeholders without dropping a dime (Hint: Both the Pentagon and Sun Microsystems are using this simple tool today!)