Brand journalism for the internal communicator

Brand journalism for the internal communicator

Monday, May 15 (9 a.m.-4 p.m.)
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Led by Mark Ragan and Jim Ylisela < Are we keeping this from the previous YZBJ product?

  • What is brand journalism and why does it matter for your internal comms
  • Set up and operate like a news desk
  • Become a better reporter in your own organization
  • Produce more creative internal communications with photos, infographics and videos

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Good stories engage, inspire, entertain and move people to action. So why should PR and marketing have all the fun?

They shouldn't. That's what Mark Ragan and Jim Ylisela discovered while helping many organizations incorporate brand journalism into their external media mix.

In the brand journalism revolution, internal communications simply cannot be left behind. Here's why:

  1. Telling great stories on the outside while continuing to produce dry and boring content on the inside is a surefire way to tell employees they don't matter. Good storytelling breaks down the walls between internal and external communication and signals to employees that they are just as important as marketing and PR.
  2. Many of your best stories begin internally. Organizations with the best editorial departments are creating news desks to break down the walls between internal and external communications.
  3. Employees are brand journalism's best external ambassadors. They are likely to spread the word by sharing good stories on their own social media networks. After all, the stories are about them.

Mark and Jim begin every brand journalism project by first assessing—and then improving—employee communications. In this daylong workshop, they'll share what they've learned and offer examples from the many organizations they've worked with.

You'll learn how to:

  • Add brand journalism techniques to employee communications
  • Make internal communicators an integral part of your news desk editorial team
  • Conduct an internal audit geared toward improving storytelling and fixing internal communications channels
  • Produce stories that can be used by internal comms, PR and marketing
  • Engage employee audiences with compelling headlines, teasers and leads
  • Incorporate visual communications—photos, infographics and video—into your internal editorial mix