Hands-on Video and Visual Storytelling Workshop

Hands-on Video and Visual Storytelling Workshop

March 6: Glen Allen, Virginia
April 4: Boston
Price: $945
Member Price: $795
  • Get hands-on training on how to produce, shoot and edit your next video yourself—on a budget
  • Cameras, mics and gear galore. We'll help you figure out the best way to spend your money—and what gear you don't need
  • Visual storytelling: It's not as simple as pointing your camera and hitting "record." You'll learn how to craft a video story that your audience keeps watching after the first few seconds
  • How to shoot a video and then adapt its content for your intranet, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms

Product Code: YZVV
  • Presenter:
    Justin Allen Ragan Consulting Group
    Justin Allen
    Head of production and video strategy


Justin Allen Justin Allen is head of production and video strategy for Ragan Consulting Group, a content strategist, writer, filmmaker, producer and entrepreneur. He was founder and VP of creative and production at ZMG/Ruckus Factory where his team produced more than 1,500 short-form custom news and entertainment videos each month that netted more than 100 million monthly views. Justin was also formerly head of content at TouchVision, an executive producer and showrunner at Tribune Media, and a speaker and consultant with Ragan Communications. He created digital content and TV shows syndicated nationally on CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, HuffPost, Yahoo, Chicago Sun-Times, Associated Press and many others.