Video Boot Camp for Communicators

Video Boot Camp for Communicators

Jan. 27 - Portland, Oregon
Price: $895
Member Price: $745
  • How to plan, produce, shoot and edit your next video yourself—on a budget!
  • Why a smartphone could be the only camera you'll ever need
  • Which gear you should invest in and why
  • Visual narratives—create a story with images that intensify your message

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Ragan Communications, Inc.
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  • Your Presenter:
    Drew Keller Drew Keller is an award-winning television producer, editor, web developer and educator.

    He is one of Ragan's highest rated speakers. Here are some reviews from his recent trainings:

    "His workshop was easily the best I've ever attended. Entertaining, informative, engaging, relevant and current. I couldn't believe some of the things I was learning—and I am not exactly someone who's in the dark when it comes to technology."

    "Educational, informative, entertaining. You can tell he knows his stuff and enjoys it!"

    "Extremely knowledgeable, but was able to translate to those who aren't as familiar with video."

    "He was exceptional. Very helpful during the conference and after; made his resources available to participants and has made himself available afterwards for questions/tips."

    "He was outstanding. Best presenter yet!"


The next wave of connectivity will pivot on web video.

Mobile devices, web browsers, on-demand and point-of-sale—organizations large and small will rely on video storytelling.

To succeed in this new landscape, you must create video that moves your audiences.

Shooting video with your camera, microphone and editing software is easy, right?

Perhaps you've found it more difficult than you expected. What do you need to succeed?

With training and practice you can master the skills to create compelling video. This full-day workshop walks you through the entire production cycle.

During this workshop, you'll discover:

  • The production practices survival guide: Camera height, framing, & environment
  • How to capture a great image when the lighting is bad
  • The core elements of video storytelling
  • Visual narratives: Create your story with images that amplify your message
  • How to nail down great sound
  • How to improvise good sound when the environment is noisy
  • How to connect social channels to get maximum exposure for your video
  • Using smartphones and tablets in video production

Presented by:
Ragan Communications, Inc.