Storyteller's Writing Workshop

Storyteller's Writing Workshop

March 8: Washington, DC
May 23: Kansas City
July 11: Fort Collins, Colorado
Sept. 13: Clearwater, Florida
Price: $945
Member Price: $795
  • Make every word count for impatient, distracted audiences
  • Write headlines and teasers readers can't ignore
  • Choose the right words to enliven video, photos, infographics and social media
  • Fine-tune your reporting skills to add color and texture to your storytelling

Twitter hashtag: #RaganWriting

Product Code: YZWW
  • Presenters:
    Mark Ragan Ragan Communications, Inc.
    Mark Ragan
    Publisher and CEO
    Jim Ylisela Ragan Consulting Group
    Jim Ylisela
    Co-owner and managing partner

We've all heard the conventional wisdom: Nobody reads anymore. All content must be visual. Video. Photography. Infographics. But every good story, regardless of format, begins with words.

Words didn't go away. They matter more than ever. Take a breath and remember why you chose this profession in the first place: the joy of moving an audience with powerful, gripping, emotional words.

If you're trying to recapture what that feels like, you need the storyteller's Writing workshop.

Join Mark Ragan and Jim Ylisela for their new, one-day seminar. You'll learn how to:

  • Be the best reporter in your organization. You can't publish great content if you don't have the raw storytelling material. Gather the information and color you need to make your stories come alive.
  • Be a master interviewer. What does it take to have a great conversation with a source, whether it's a customer, the newest hire or the CEO?
  • Organize your story to keep your audiences engaged. Great storytelling is about a journey, and your stories should keep us moving.
  • Get the big stuff right: Headlines to attract your readers, teasers to close the deal, leads to get them started and transitions to keep them going.
  • Apply great words in small doses to enliven your videos and images, boost your infographics and draw a crowd on social media.

Who should attend?

checkmark Employee communicators
checkmark PR and media relations writers
checkmark Website content producers
checkmark Print or online writers and editors
checkmark Directors of internal communications
checkmark Executive communicators

If you work with words, you should be here.

What skill level do you need?

  • If you're new to corporate communications, this seminar will sharpen your skills and give you new ideas
  • If you're a veteran communicator, the Storyteller's Writing Workshop will help you put the spark back into your words
  • If you're struggling to connect with your audiences—internally or externally—this is the place to meet storytellers dealing with the same issues