Crafting Your Company's Social Media Policy
Interactive Course

Crafting Your Company's Social Media Policy

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How to create a policy that management will get behind and employees will read and use.

  • Make execs comfortable with your social media initiative by drafting a policy they can get behind.
  • Find out how to guide your employees in today's social media landscape.
  • Learn to write guidelines that will maximize employees’ helpfulness online.
  • Make your online marketing, PR, and customer relations more effective.

A course featuring Shel Holtz.

Product Code: Z1AC01

You can’t go wrong with Shel’s foolproof tips and tactics:

  • How to write an introductory statement for your social media policy
  • Why you should consolidate all your big principles of social media use in your introductory statement
  • Four great real-life examples of opening statements in social media policies
  • Best examples of confidentiality and privacy clauses in social media policies
  • Common sense: the four rules to spell out for employees in your policy
  • Best practices in using voice, quality, and trust in your policy to engage employees
  • The three critical areas of governance in social media policies
  • Why you must market your policy internally to employees
  • Continual training after you write it: the most powerful way to persuade employees to read and refer to your new social media policy
  • How to use common sense as a binding thread throughout your policy


  • Resources for guidance in writing a policy: 7 online articles, including a social media policy template
  • 9 websites that feature aggregated links to social media policies
  • Links to the complete actual social media policies of world leaders in social media governance: IBM, The Mayo Clinic, Best Buy, DePaul University, Intel, Dell, Coca-Cola and Microsoft

Free yourself to do the social media work that brings real ROI to your company:

  • Train colleagues to be better online reporters, storytellers, conversationalists, customer service reps, industry and company online monitors.
  • Form external online consumer communities that advance your company goals
  • Bring executives into your organization’s social media mix
  • Grow internal social networks.
  • Promote collaboration, teamwork, and finding instant subject matter experts for everyone’s projects

But. . .you can’t do ANY of the above without a rock-solid foundation of rules and codes of behavior for social media. Your ideas won’t be taken seriously until you have that working foundation in place.

You can write the perfect social media policy for your company or organization. In 75 minutes, you’ll know what you must do to write a policy that gets your executives’ enthusiastic buy-in for all your social media plans. And three-month web access to this revolutionary module is only $199! Don’t delay.