Social Media Newsrooms and News Releases:
Interactive Course

Social Media Newsrooms and News Releases:

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How to deepen relationships with reporters, become the go-to authority for journalists, lure the media to your website, and boost buzz about your company.

  • Find out why a social media news release is three times more likely than a traditional press release to be picked up and read by a mainstream media reporter.
  • Learn why it’s five times more likely than an old-style release to be read by a blogger.
  • Discover how to create social media news releases that will extend your reach among influential journalists.

A course featuring Shel Holtz.

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The answers:

  • the social media news release is quicker to write and to read
  • the SMNR’s multi-media format has more variety to engage the reader
  • the SMNR is a far more powerful research tool for reporters than print press releases
  • the SMNR has a huge advantage print will never duplicate: It’s INTERACTIVE

NOW. . .Have you got 90 minutes to learn how to write (it’s not difficult) a social media news release that earns TWICE the coverage of a traditional release?

  • Do you want to improve your release’s chance of being picked up and quoted, referred to, linked to or reproduced in its entirety, to MORE THAN 70%?
  • Want to be long remembered by reporters as THE authority on your company’s industry or your organization’s field, subject or cause?
  • Do you want reporters to know they can always rely on your company’s social media newsroom for background not only on your company, but also the issue they’re writing on?

Join internationally known social media expert Shel Holtz for an hour and a half of intensive, fun instruction on social media news releases and social media newsrooms that will make you a pro at writing stand-out social releases. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build the ten must-have elements of an SMNR into your social release
  • How to write the perfect bullet point for your SMNR
  • Make it easy for reporters to cherry-pick what they need from your release
  • Grab tips from the attractive SMNR formats of Suncor, ITV2, EMC2 and others
  • Establish your company as the go-to source on industry issues for reporters
  • Make your writing of traditional press releases shorter, tighter and clearer
  • Sum up complex issues for reporters in a few well-chosen bullet points
  • Boost buzz about your company with the most powerful learning tool: interactivity
  • Get a handle on big content areas with these FREE Web tools
  • Increase the reach of your SMNRs dramatically by tagging—it’s easy
  • Steal ideas from the social media newsrooms of Lufthansa, Swiss Air, and Hallmark
  • Make your bullet points follow the “inverted pyramid” style of a classic news story
  • Ensure embedding a graphic, video, or photo from your SMNR is easy for reporters

BONUS: Build a Powerhouse Social Media Newsroom

Shel takes you through the social media newsrooms of Lufthansa and other outstanding companies and shows you, feature by feature, what makes them so effective. He shows what linking to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter can do for your newsroom, how to display content from outside news sources on an RSS feed, and departments you should incorporate into your social media newsroom, such as “Pictures,” “Publications,” Press Releases,” and “Follow Us.” Superior social media newsrooms make it possible to share any part of the content in the newsroom on any of dozens sharing sites, and, as Holtz points out, the most effective of these sharing sites for getting exposure and buzz for your company content is a Creative Commons license.

That’s not all. Shel wants every part of your social media news release to say to reporters: “You can’t afford not to use this!” He’ll show you:

  • How to write and format quotes in your SMNR that are irresistible to reporters
  • The four ways to contact you that your SMNR should offer reporters
  • Why all the ways to contact you should be linked to one single click
  • How to make it absurdly easy for reporters and bloggers to share your entire SMNR
  • How to boost the buzz around your SMNR by featuring a “comments” section on it
  • Why “research aids” may be the most important part of your social news release
  • How to link most efficiently to outside content sources on your SMNR

Shel wants you to exploit The Golden Rule of Social Media News Releases: If you can induce reporters to interact with your SMNR, they’ll remember your brand, your company’s story, your name and message far better than they would from a traditional print news release.

You get 90 days of Web access to this indispensable training aid.