Content Curation
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Content Curation

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How to master the crucial new communication skill that brings fans to you for information.

  • Learn to raise awareness of your organization by gathering content that will draw fans to you.
  • Master the 11 ways to write content that does more than just sell.
  • Find out how to create and place content that boosts your brand name across the Web.

A course featuring Shel Holtz.

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Here at last:

Shel Holtz's complete practical guide to content curation.

You'll learn how to:

  • Gather content online
  • Judge its business value
  • Get it to the right people—when and where they need it.

Content curation skills necessary appears on more and more online job descriptions for communicators.

But what is content curation? It is:

  • "The process of identifying valuable content in a particular category, documenting it, adding context, and displaying it—all in a way that makes it useful to people who are interested in it."
  • "The art of inviting groups and individuals to share original content and collected news articles, blogs, podcasts, wikis, and videos that inform the public and help employees work better."

Content curation does not:

  • Push news in people's faces
  • Sell goods and services
  • Drive home messages to internal audiences
  • Substitute for external or internal public relations or marketing

Let Shel show you, in this must-see 90-minute training module, how to use content curation to:

  • Raise awareness of your organization
  • Kick-start a conversation internally or to wider public audiences
  • Capitalize on a trending topic to introduce your company as a ranking expert
  • Supply news about your industry or company no longer provided by mainstream media
  • Get information to vitally interested niche groups about a product or service

Why content curation as "brand journalism" matters to you:

  • Every news platform except the Web has stalled or declined
  • Content about your company that mass media once produced is disappearing
  • Fewer traditional news reports are quoting experts from your company
  • The Web news cycle is drastically shorter, creating an insatiable appetite for "new news"
  • There's no room in older media for the niche stories in your company

This means you are the media content producers for your organization.It's you or nobody.Curation means a new kind of content—collected or created by you.


  • Why the internal content you write doesn't fit the new online conditions
  • Why thinking about content as annual, reports, press releases, and live events reporting won't work any more
  • How to write shareable content
  • How to place content across the Web
  • How to use Transmedia storytelling—answering comments on channels other than the original
  • 11 ways to write content that does more than just sell
  • The 13 steps of content curation
  • Why "content strategist" has become one of the hottest jobs in corporate America
  • Five free content curation tools
  • The eight sources of shareable content for internal communicators

Shel gives you a step-by step demonstration of how to curate on a typical content aggregating tool, and shows how one online platform has become a curating tool in its own right.

See how content curation can be as simple as sharing a link on Twitter and as complex as maintaining an exhaustive collection from many media, using one of the feature-rich commercial content curation tools that cost thousands of dollars a month.

Curate online videos for corporate training

Corporations spend bushels of money on classroom training. Shel asks, “Why”? Content curation of occupational and work-process videos on YouTube and elsewhere on the Web can replace expensive on-site classrooms at a fraction of the cost in hundreds of lines of work.

That’s the reason a big German auto manufacturer recently announced it was blocking employee access to the Web—except for YouTube. YouTube had become one of this company’s most valuable employee training tools.

Shel explains why your employees can curate content for you.

  • Employees are the best natural content curators
  • You can train them to use specific platforms to curate content
  • An internal blog with links to stories will curate content effectively
  • Google+ can serve as a resource for internal content curation

Content curation isn’t something you can put off. It’s big right now, and it’s becoming more important. If you’re thinking about adding a “content strategist’ to your staff, Shel’s module is an easy way to know exactly what you need.

Don’t let phrases confuse you any longer. Know what you mean when you converse about “content management,” “content aggregation, “trusted source of good content” and the like.