Location-Based Services: The New Age of Mobile Organizational PR and Marketing
Interactive Course

Location-Based Services: The New Age of Mobile Organizational PR and Marketing

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In this online training course, learn how your company can use LBS for:

  1. Delivering messages to consumers
  2. Coupons and discounts
  3. Customer and consumer feedback
  4. Event marketing
  5. Custom badges

A course featuring Shel Holtz.

Product Code: Z2AC05

If you’re. . .

  • An organizational communicator—with some PR duties
  • A public relations staffer—with some marketing responsibilities
  • A marketing associate—who works in sales, branding, and reputation

. . . You must grasp the realities of location-based services:

  • In three years, location-based services will be a critical part of your job
  • Smartphones + location–based services = PR and marketing revolution
  • By 2016, LBS will be a ten-billion-dollar-year industry

Let social media authority Shel Holtz teach you the street smarts of mobile PR and marketing—in his latest Ragan training module, “Location-Based Services: The New Age of Mobile Organizational PR and Marketing.”

“When foursquare first launched, I remember many people looked at it and saw it as completely frivolous, as a geek lure without any commercial value whatsoever. Today, less than 3 years later, more than 10,000,000 people use foursquare.” —Shel Holtz

Shel shows you how simple LBS really is:

  • Why LBS can move more product faster than any other device
  • How LBS lures consumers to buy—even if they’re not shopping for what you sell!
  • How social networks form quickly on LBS platforms
  • The powerful neighborhood “side effect” of LBS data bases
  • Why LBS is customer-centric in a way your business has never before known
  • How LBS leverages the impulse to grab a bargain so powerfully
  • How casual customers on LBS spread the word about your franchise store’s sale or deal
  • How LBS plays on the strongest “people” motives: (a) to help others (b) to have fun (c) to let others in on a secret (d) to criticize constructively by suggesting improvements (e) to play games for a token rewards (f) to earn rewards for loyalty: the “S&H Green Stamps” motivation (g) to get “insider” tips on the best way to shop in the place they’re in right now

Shel’s case studies of foursquare, Groupon and other location-based services reveal how your company can exploit LBS:

  1. Convenience—multiple deals and bargains right where you are this minute
  2. Personalization—you, the individual shopper, are the center of the LBS universe
  3. Sharing—sharing good news, money-saving news, with friends and strangers
  4. LBS brings new interest to stale shopping routines: games, rewards, marks of distinction, interactivity, giving welcome criticism, being the first to sales
  5. LBS means an enormous increase in personal shopping power (like the spread of comparison shopping by Googling the price of items in-store on one’s Smartphone)

To sum it all up: Suddenly, the LBS consumer has new powers and new ways of being pleased by consuming—and by communicating with your company.

LBS offers you unlimited new conversation, branding, and communication opportunities.

Shel shows you how public nonprofits like museums and even government agencies can exploit LBS to bring new services to their patrons:

  • How check-ins on LBS offer you prime opportunities to create buzz, strengthen customer relations, and build goodwill for your brand.
  • How to create a “swarm” of LBS users for your franchise store or small business
  • Why people get a kick out of opening badges on LBS sites and finding out what new badges they’ve earned
  • Why asking customers to leave online ‘tips” for other LBS users is a powerful way to increase customer loyalty to your brand
  • Why communicating with customers on LBS in their “down” time is critical
  • How to power up your event marketing with an LBS email invitation linked to a Google map, address, phone number, and other data
  • Why you shouldn’t rely on your online monitoring service to find important customer feedback from LBS locations

Shel gives you superb LBS case studies from:

  • The Crowne Plaza Hotel
  • The Brooklyn Museum
  • AJ Bombers (independent burger joint)
  • Earth Justice (nonprofit)
  • Radio Shack
  • The Dragonfly Shops & Gardens (small business)
  • Inova Health System (big healthcare group)

LBS is the coming major new social media tool to increase buzz about your company, your brand, your reputation, and to supercharge your sales.